A five-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero after he made sure his family of nine got out of the house when he woke up to flames next to his bed on Sunday morning. Noah Woods, 5, told WSBTV that he picked Lily up, carried her to the window, grabbed the dog, and then left.
“That’s all there is to it.”.

But he went above and beyond. In the room that Noah and his sister Lily, age 2, shared, an electrical fire started early on Sunday morning. He grabbed his sister and the family dog and ran to the window as soon as he realized there was danger.

5 year old Noah Woods recently discovered his bedroom on fire when he woke up. The window was the sole exit.
Posted on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, by Bartow County Fire and Emergency Services.

Noah, Lily, and their dog allegedly broke out of the house through the window, according to a GoFundMe created to assist the family with expenses. After ensuring their safety, Noah went back to wake up his uncle so they could continue assisting everyone else in fleeing. “Our hero!” read a Tuesday post from the Bartow County Fire Department. “Naomi Woods, 5, recently discovered his bedroom on fire when he woke up. The window was the only way out. Thankfully, all nine members of the family were able to escape the house, and Noah’s wrist burn was the only injury. He managed to get himself and his 2-year-old sister out of the window to escape the fire. He then returned inside to alert the other family members.

Noah and four other family members were treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation. On Friday, BCFD Chief Dwayne Jamison will honor Noah as an Honorary Bartow County Firefighter and present him with a Lifesaving Award. ”.

A young boy who saved his family from a house fire and received a minor burn to his wrist is being honored by holding his hand. Posted on February 10, 2020, by Wendy Corona (@WendyCoronaWSB), “@wsbtv at 5pm pic .
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Noah’s grandfather, David Woods, said, “If it wasn’t for Noah, I mean, we were all asleep, so we wouldn’t have known what was going on.”. “We could have all died. Now that their home has been completely destroyed, the family must rebuild. At least they will be doing so with all of their family members by their sides. David wrote, “If it wasn’t for Noah, we might not be here today.

You’re a hero, Noah.
Your family’s lives were saved by you.
Your community will certainly assist you in rebuilding, I have no doubt. To honor this smart 5-year-old and his excellent instinct, please think about sharing this amazing story on Facebook.