When planning a wedding, several factors, such as how the ceremony will be conducted, the number of guests, the menu, the attire, or the constant and frequent interference of the couple’s parents, who want that day to be practically perfect, can cause anxiety and stress to future spouses. This level of involvement might occasionally be exaggerated and inappropriate.

According to an anonymous 23-year-old Reddit user, his wedding planning turned into a nightmare, and his mother-in-law’s unreasonable demands only worsened matters.

The man claimed that the mother of his fiancée “moved the lines and changed the plans that the two young men had in mind for organizing a ‘good’ marriage, and she did all of this without any embarrassment.”.

The future bride also seemed to adopt this attitude, and she and her mother seemed to have similar views. The couple had decided that his sister, who is nine years old and has a mild form of cerebral palsy, would serve as the bridesmaid. However, neither the mother-in-law nor the intended spouse believed this decision was wise.

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The girlfriend admitted to the guy that they had picked the “wrong choice” for the bridesmaid: “She told me that she was unsure of how my sister would behave at the wedding and that I should not have taken that risk and I should have chosen her niece instead, but I was convinced of my idea by telling her that I would not do it since I had given my word to my sister and my parents. By telling her that my future wife’s niece will take her place, I won’t disturb or grieve her. “.

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In reply, the fiancée and her mother suggested that her 9-year-old sister might wear the bridesmaid’s dress but sit in the audience with guests instead of placing flowers in the aisle “because of her troubles. We don’t know how she’ll behave then. In response to that statement, hundreds of comments supporting the 23-year-old man were made.