Do you remember me? asks a young man who approaches an elderly man.

No, the senior citizen responds. The young man then claims to have been his pupil. The teacher then asks, “What do you do, what do you do in life?”.

Well, I became a teacher,” the young man says in response. ”.

Ah, wonderful, just like me, the old man said.

Probably, yes. You inspired me to study education because I wanted to be like you. ”.

The elderly man wonders aloud to the youngster when he plans to become a teacher. The young man continues, “One day, a student friend of mine came in with a great new watch, and I decided I wanted it.

I took it from his pocket and snatched it.

A elderly man runs into a young man

My friend found his watch missing shortly after and immediately told our teacher, you.

The class was then informed that a student’s watch had been stolen during class. Kindly return it. ”.

Since I didn’t want to, I opted not to return it.

We are to form a circle by standing up, and you told us to do so as you shut the door.

You would search through our pockets, looking for the watch. You told us to shut our eyes, but you would only look for his watch if we were all doing it.

We carried out the instructions.

You looked through every pocket before coming to mine, where you found the watch and took it. You commanded them to open their eyes after you had finished poking around in their pockets. “The watch is here with us. You didn’t accuse me, and you never mentioned the incident. You also failed to mention who took the watch. That day, you safeguarded my honor for all time. The experience was the most humiliating of my life.

But I also made the decision on this day to stay away from becoming a thief, a jerk, etc. You said nothing; you didn’t chastise me or take me aside to teach me a lesson.

I understood what you were saying.

You made it clear to me what a real educator must do. Professor, do you still remember this event?

Yes, I remember the incident with the stolen watch I was looking for in everyone’s pocket, the old professor said. I also shut my eyes while looking, so I DIDN’T REMEMBER YOU.

The fundamental rule of education is this: “You don’t know how to teach if you have to make someone feel bad in order to correct them. ”.