An ex-adviser to the late Queen asserts that Lady Susan Hussey has been “thrown under the bus” amid a royal racial controversy. After asking a black visitor born in the UK where she “really came from” at a Buckingham Palace reception, the lady-in-waiting for Elizabeth II yesterday resigned from her position as lady of the household. “.

The incident marred Prince William and Kate’s trip to the United States to award the Earth shot Prize, which was to take place on the first day of their vacation. It sparked allegations of “institutional racism” against the monarchy.

A former close aide to the late queen claimed that Lady Susan’s hasty departure was a “big overreaction. “.

Without a doubt, they said, Lady Susan had been mistreated, and the reaction had been greatly exaggerated.

“No one spoke up to point out that this is a woman who has traveled to every nation on Earth and interacted with people from every cultural background. I don’t think it’s possible that she would deliberately behave in a racist way. “.

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Another experienced courtier expressed worry about Lady Susan’s abrupt departure.

They questioned, “Where is their responsibility of care and sympathy toward a dearly loved staff member who has led an exemplary life of service and commitment to the monarchy?”.

“The institution’s and Lady Susan’s reputations are both damaged by how quickly this occurred. “.

Instead, social media sparked the reaction, asking why there wasn’t a systematic, careful investigation.

At the Queen Consort’s reception on violence against women on Tuesday, Lady Susan got to know Ngozi Fulani, the founder and CEO of Sistah Space.

A director of a domestic violence organisation subsequently posted information about the incident on social media.

“Lady SH” allegedly questioned Ms Fulani about her “real background” after she claimed to be a British woman. “.

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She referred to the incident as a “violation,” insisted that it would “never leave me,” and said that “nothing has changed. “.

Before you can even respond to the pain of racism, she concluded that there are so many things to take into account. “Can you picture it?” I’m still processing what happened. “.

The Independent later quoted her as saying, “This involves more than just one person. Institutional racism is the main cause of the issue. “.

Lady Susan, the late Queen’s former lady-in-waiting for more than 60 years and the godmother of the Prince of Wales, has resigned from her honorary position as one of the three new ladies of the household appointed to assist the King at ceremonial events. She expressed regret for her “unacceptable and deplorable remarks” as well. “.

Only a few months into Charles’ reign, Buckingham Palace declared that it took the incident “extremely seriously” and launched an investigation immediately.

According to a statement, “in this case, words that are incorrect and exceedingly regretful have been expressed.”. Ngozi Fulani has been contacted about this, and we extend a personal invitation for her to talk about every detail of her experience there.

“The person in question has abruptly resigned from her honorary position and apologized deeply for the harm she has caused. “.

The statement reads that all household members must always uphold “the diversity and inclusivity principles.”.

William concurs that Lady Susan’s resignation was the appropriate course of action.

One official from Kensington Palace said, “Racism is not tolerated in our culture.”. The person immediately resigned as a result of the offensive comments. “.

Peter Hunt, a former royal correspondent for the BBC, said that Charles and William are in a difficult position because attention is already shifting from one woman’s actions to more significant inquiries about whether Buckingham Palace is routinely racist.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey last year, Meghan Markle accused an unnamed royal of racism against her unborn son Archie.