This is the story of Emma and her lovable husband. Their lives never been the same seeing the wedding images.

Emma, 33, married Justin Cotillard, her lover. The newlyweds’ honeymoon had been meticulously planned. Unfortunately, their dreams will come true instantly, and their lives will be irrevocably altered.


Justin cursed Emma and screamed at her one morning, telling her to leave his house. Emma reacted violently to her husband’s actions since she was seven months pregnant and emotionally unstable.

However, this was the beginning, and things were worse. “He had forgotten I was pregnant.” “He mistaken me for a stranger,” Emma observed.


Justin was only 29, the symptoms were severe. They hurried to the hospital after deciding to postpone their honeymoon.

AA thorough examination discovered that Justin had a very severe malignant tumour on his brain. The physicians advised him that he had only two years to live.

The news shocked the young couple, but they realised they needed to be strong and work together to allow Justin to meet his child.

Justin Daughter

Justin started therapy the day Emma gave birth to their daughter, Mia, and could not be with her. However, the sickness rapidly spread, and all of their plans collapsed.
Justin died, leaving behind a wife and a young girl who would have to grow up.

Nothing could be done to stop the tumour. Emma disagrees, saying, “You can notice that the portion of his face is a bit lower.”

Happiest Justin

Emma decided to share her experience in order to encourage others to get medical assistance as soon as they notice any signs. We can all learn because early tumour identification can prolong and even save lives.
Please share this as many people as possible. Life is valuable, and perhaps someone needs to hear this story to save another.