The supermarket was entered by a woman wearing an unassuming outfit and sporting a dejected look. She asked the store owner if she could take some items and pay for them later, explaining in a meek voice that her husband was seriously ill and unable to work, leaving them with seven children who needed food.

Unconcerned about her situation, the store owner gave his security guards orders to eject her from the building. Despite being rejected, the mother’s desperate pleas that she would pay him back as soon as possible continued.

The proprietor of the shop reiterated his earlier statement while remaining motionless, saying that he could not give food on credit to a stranger. A customer by the entrance, who was listening in, overheard their conversation at this point.

A woman dressed simply and with a sad face, entered a supermarket!

The client came up to the proprietor of the shop and expressed his desire to go shopping with his wife. He was, nonetheless, disregarded. The shopkeeper called out to the woman and inquired as to whether she had brought any sort of list with her.

She responded “yes,” and the shopkeeper suggested she put it on some scales so he could weigh it as he gave her the items she needed to complete her purchase.

She reluctantly agreed, and when she placed her paper list on it, the scales significantly sank as though a sizable stone had been placed on them. This outcome astounded the shopkeeper as well as the customer.

The shopkeeper kept piling food onto the scale’s other plate while the woman remained still.

After seeing her items remain unchanged on the scale, she was irritated when she abruptly became aware of a piece of paper hidden in between her shabby clothes. She took it out to read what was inside, and was confused by what she discovered.

The heartfelt prayer began, “God, You know my needs even before I can ask for them; I place this situation in Your hands,” rather than the expected shopping list.

The storekeeper gave her all the food on the scales for free after being moved by her devotion and humbled by her faith. He sent her off with warm wishes that rang in his heart as a memento of this unique moment they had shared.