The spine of a woman who gave birth 14 years ago had part of an epidural needle found buried there. A hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, performed a c-section on Amy Bright, 41. Two months later, she had her first episode of severe back pain, which has plagued her life ever since.

During a CT scan last year, a 3 cm-long needle fragment was found buried in her spine. The needle then allegedly broke off. When she realized this, she reacted in astonishment, rage, and horror.

This helped her realize that the epidural she had received for Jacob’s birth more than ten years prior was the root of her pain.

A woman finds the source of her back pain 13 years later

Damage to Amy’s left foot and leg’s nerves has severely restricted her range of motion.

According to her, the pain she has endured for the past 14 years is brought on by scar tissue that formed as a result of the needle moving inside her spine. Amy has seen numerous doctors, who have prescribed her various painkillers to ease her suffering, but the pain is still present.

It’s scorching and feels like fire right next to my tailbone. She reported that it occasionally runs into her left foot and down the left side of her calf.

Bright and her lawyer, Sean Cronin, brought a lawsuit against the federal government because the needle left Bright’s nerves permanently damaged. According to Cronin, Florida’s Naval Hospital is to blame for the unsuccessful attempt at spinal needle insertion that happened in September 2003.

A woman finds the source of her back pain 13 years later

He claims that staff members failed to address the problem despite being aware of the broken needle and having the chance to stop the injury. Bright is accusing the Naval Hospital of negligence right now.

If the needle is not removed immediately, the doctor warned Amy might suffer from irreversible paralysis. Now it just keeps burning without stopping. Future concerns are very important to me. She said, “[My leg] is getting weaker. I’m going to be in a wheelchair most likely.

A woman finds the source of her back pain 13 years later

“Because I have no idea what the future holds, I am terrified. I’m nervous and afraid. The doctor warns Amy that if the needle is not removed right away, she could suffer a lifetime of paralysis.

The pain is so intense that it seems to burn indefinitely. The ambiguous future terrifies me. “This is very unsettling because I don’t know what to expect.

We can’t help but wish her luck with her planned lawsuit against the federal government as well as with her health and ability to stop feeling like her back is “burning,” which is our main concern. I hope you receive justice, Amy!