She left a message stating, “I’ve had enough and have left you,” which made her husband’s tardiness irritate her. Please do not attempt to contact me. “.

She then crept under the bed to watch his response.

After some time, she hears her husband coming home; he first enters the kitchen before reaching to the bedroom.
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She witnessed him approach the dresser and take note.

After writing something on it, he picked up the phone and dialled a number.

Finally, she left.

I know; put on that stunning French nightgown because I’m going to see you. “.

“I adore you…

The prospect of seeing you excite me.

Anything filthy you want to be done, we’ll do. “.

He put the phone down, gathered his belongings, and left.

She heard the car accelerating as she came out from under the bed.

With tears in her eyes, she was furious.

She picked up the note to read what was written on it.

I can make out your feet. I’ll be back in five minutes; we’re out of bread. “.