A 60-year-old guy who visits sick children in hospitals as Santa Claus had a particularly unfortunate encounter.

The story of Eric Schmitt-Matzen, a 60-year-old man who looks precisely like Santa Claus in hospitals and tragically witnessed a child as young as five years old die in his arms, has gone viral on social media.

A nurse instantly summoned Eric to visit the tiny youngster, as was customary, and Eric wasted no time putting a smile on his face.

santa at hospital

“My phone began to ring…” “On the other end of the phone was a nurse I know who works in a hospital, and she told me about a five-year-old boy who was very ill and whose greatest ambition was to meet Santa Claus,” Eric Schmitt-Matzen said.

Schmitt-Matzen vowed to come as soon as he put on Santa’s suit, but the nurse said it wasn’t necessary: “Just wear your suspenders and glasses, and come straight now…” There isn’t any more time, according to the nurse.
“ “Did I hear you’re going to miss Christmas?” I asked, sitting on the edge of his bed. The small boy looked fragile and appeared to be on the verge of falling asleep at any minute, but when he saw me, he smiled and shouted, “Santa, you’re here!” “You know, you’re my favorite elf,” When I started it, the child’s face brightened up, and he asked, “Really?”

santa crying

I gave him a PAW Patrol TV series toy, which he opened with considerable difficulty and a big smile before standing up to give me a big hug.

“How am I going to know where I’m heading now?” “When you get there, tell them you’re Santa’s finest elf, and they’ll send you to the appropriate area!” Santa instructed.
The infant died during the embrace and speaking engagement, and the parents watched the tragedy from outside the room when the child’s mother cried, “No, no, my God, not yet!” as she entered.

“I quickly gave her her son and departed. Eric had completed his task. “I was so moved by it that I questioned if I’d ever play Santa Claus again.”