John Schneider’s wife Alicia Allain passed away at the age of 53 at home in the company of her loved ones. John Schneider is still in mourning over the death of Alicia Allain, his wife. In the days after sharing the news of his wife’s passing, the Dukes of Hazzard actor, 62, posted a number of tributes to her on his Facebook page this week.

“I simply have no words but… I desperately miss you, Mrs. Schneider,” the actor captioned a photo of himself and Allain kissing.

After Alicia’s death, John Schneider says he ‘desperately’ misses her: ‘I’m at a loss for words.’

“For me, this is what love looks like,” Schneider wrote in the caption of a photo of him kissing his wife’s lips taken the day before. In another post, Schneider was seen holding his deceased wife in close embrace, and the caption lamented his loss. “For me, this is a time of indescribable grief. A far too small word, sorrow. I’ve heard it said that “great love brings enormous pain. “Until now, I had no idea what that meant,” he admitted.

Schneider, in response to the passing of his wife, who had passed away a day earlier at home surrounded by family, posted on Facebook, according to an online obituary. Age-wise, she was 53. “My lovely Smile is pain-free, living in her new body alongside Jesus,” Schneider captioned a photo of himself and Allain holding hands with their wedding bands prominently displayed.

After Alicia’s death, John Schneider says he ‘desperately’ misses her: ‘I’m at a loss for words.’

Please be considerate of our privacy during this trying time. If you have any pictures of us and our obvious love and adoration for each other, kindly submit them here. He then pleaded with his followers not to ask any questions. “.

Finally, Schneider advised giving your loved ones a tight hug and letting them know how you’re feeling. We have done it consistently. Despite the fact that there was no official indication of the cause of death, Schneider previously opened up on Fox and Friends about his wife’s struggle with breast cancer. She was three years into a five-year shelf life when Allain said she was “diagnosed with stage 4 HER2 negative cancer,” and Schneider agreed. “.

After Alicia’s death, John Schneider says he ‘desperately’ misses her: ‘I’m at a loss for words.’

According to Allain, he decided to treat his cancer holistically. I decided to try mineral grounding, CBD oil, and the keto for cancer diet. I established a fairly rigid routine. On September 25, 2019, Schneider and Allain exchanged vows in a small ceremony at John Schneider Studios in Holden, Louisiana. He wed Tawny Little from 1983 to 1986, and Elvira “Elly” Schneider from 1993 to 2019. Chasen, a son, and Karis and Leah, two girls, make up his and Elly’s family of three. Between 1994 and 1999, Allain wed Patrick Dollard; the two of them had Jessica Ann as their only child.