We enjoy seeing people be kind to animals. Creatures seldom offer thanks for a caring demonstration. As a result, it is an extremely unappreciative occupation.

In any case, there are sure circumstances when creatures have a charming approach to saying thanks to their heros, similar to when a kangaroo gave the folks who saved him a handshake.

David Boyd, who lives in Canberra, is said to have seen a kangaroo in Lake Burley Griffin. The animal was unable to escape because the water was too cold, according to reports.

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Two brave bystanders braved the chilly waters to get the animal to safety at last.

To try not to startle the kangaroo, the men approach gradually. When they get close and try to grab the kangaroo’s arms to get it to safety, it starts flailing its arms.

Determined, the men hold onto the creature and pull it from the water.

The kangaroo is carried onto dry ground and kept calm by a third man.

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Despite their apparent friendliness, kangaroos can act aggressively when they feel threatened. Their defenses include a kick that can, according to experts, dismember a man, pointed claws, and a powerful punch similar to that of a boxer.

Fortunately, the kangaroo extended his paw in a touching gesture as if to shake hands, giving the impression that he was aware that these men were there to assist.

During the recording of the rescue, he can be heard saying, “Aw, he’s thanking you.”

The kangaroo was in “shock” and expected a half-hour to settle down.

It was said by witnesses that the kangaroo eventually hopped along on its own, appearing unharmed.

Take a look at the moving video below:

These men merit acclaim for saving this kangaroo! That “handshake” was obviously because of you for protecting the day.