The number of Americans who have student debt is at an all-time high. People in their 20s receive a degree or diploma from a university but have no way of repaying it.

This explains why so many students must work while in school, potentially endangering their education. One Starbucks employee who was given an eight-hour shift on the weekend posted a video of themselves sobbing in the backroom. On this issue, the internet is divided.

Arguments frequently result from everyone having a different idea of what constitutes a productive schedule. A recent video that a Starbucks employee posted illustrates this. He had a 25 hour work week and was scheduled to work an eight hour shift on the weekend.

In some circumstances, this wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary, and they’d jump at the chance to put in as many hours as they could. But in this worker’s circumstance, it is too much to bear, and he requests that Starbucks unionize.

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People ponder the need for a union at Starbucks. I’m about to give up. In the now-viral video, he said, “Right now, I’m crying in the back room.

In addition to being forced to work these long hours, his management failed to take into account the fact that he was a full-time student. The majority of students today are forced to work. Otherwise, they won’t be able to pay their monthly student loan payments. If they want to graduate, this is standard.

However, this barista is having trouble keeping up with the amount of work they have on top of their academic obligations. full-time student: “I go to class. Every week, I am booked for 25 hours. As a result, they schedule me for the entire day on weekends. Both Saturday and Sunday at 8:05 p.m., the event is scheduled. “.

The barista whined about the work ethic of their boss and the unkindness of the customers they had to deal with every day as if the long hours weren’t enough.

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Because he is trans, he may or may not be accustomed to being misgendered. But this worker is exhausted, and when combined with obnoxious customers who address him as “she,” it’s easy to become overwhelmed. “.

When the overworked Starbucks barista failed to have the customer’s order ready, they became irate. They declared that she was incapable. The barista became even more irate at this and began to miss his beard.

In the video, the irate employee complained about their inadequate staffing. The management only employs 13 people. Unfortunately, they only scheduled five people for that particular weekend shift, and one unexpectedly canceled, leaving just four people to staff the store. The manager had also been scheduled, which was the cherry on top.

However, the barista said that they changed it because they believed no one would notice. “Our manager was supposed to come in this weekend; he removed himself from the schedule so he wouldn’t be held responsible for calling out,” he said. He simply tore down his existing schedule and erected a new one. “.

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In order to ensure fair scheduling, the worn-out barista concluded her video by arguing that a union is necessary. This is impossible, the barista said, so we need a union. “This won’t happen.

We need managers who hold themselves accountable for helping and fair scheduling. We need the freedom to do so because there are so many orders and I don’t have time to process them all, and they won’t turn off mobile orders. Then people start shouting at me because I don’t have the orders ready. “I have no idea what to do. ”.

Several older commenters compared this overworked Starbucks employee to their youth. Do I feel sorry for this young privileged kid? one user asked. No. When I traveled abroad for twelve days or twenty-four hours a day with an M-16, I was seventeen. It was dangerous, the food was bad, and the weather was bad. Some of the most enjoyable times I’ve ever had, and lifelong friendships. “Young people, mature. “.

The group continued to agree and support one another by adding more comments. People in the comments said, “I’m a nurse, and I work 16-hour shifts, suck it up,” according to one commenter. You should lessen the amount of pain you inflict on yourself. You won’t get any points for being sympathetic to someone worn out, underpaid, or overworked and expressing it. “.