A mother can comprehend and forgive any wrongdoing while loving her children with the same zeal. They progress and continue to teach us essential life lessons about behaviour, attitude, and how to better ourselves and live peacefully.

Some mothers are simply too tolerant, which is detrimental to a child’s education. Therefore, if a mother is unconcerned about how her children conduct themselves, she may face unpleasant surprises later in life.
The mom in the following story reacts after restaurant diners and staff advise her not to let her child urinate in a cup of soup. Yes, you read that right. Why? As a result of social media.


Manners are essential in public spaces such as restaurants. People pay great attention to everything, including your mood, dress style, and how you sit, eat, stand, and use the restroom.

This mom went to a restaurant with her child in Beijing, and the toddler needed to use the potty after they finished their dinner. She advised her toddler to urinate in a bowl off the table because she was too obsessed with her social media account, leaving likes, loves, shares, and comments.
The young man carried out his action without hesitation. After all, if Mommy says so, it must be the right thing to do.
When her son was caught doing it, people quickly called the staff to denounce it as improper and request that it be corrected. Personnel told her such actions were not permissible, even if her family resided in the cave.
Although we don’t know for sure, we believe she does base on how she thinks and makes decisions. The lady replied:


“It doesn’t matter because the crew will clean them when the restaurant is closed.”
The mother will no longer be permitted to enter that restaurant, and perhaps everyone will learn about her acts, resulting in her exclusion from all food-service facilities.
She has no excuse for her conduct, and we have no idea what she is thinking. This young person requires further schooling. What are your thoughts on the matter? Please forward this article to your friends!