Jane Fonda recently said that she doesn’t think she has much time left. She wants to make the most of her time left by advocating for important causes.

Despite being 84 years old, Fonda understands the importance of using her fame for good. She serves as an excellent example of the power of public figures to encourage change.

Despite not being afraid of dying, the well-known actress claimed that she is aware that her death will occur “sooner rather than later.”. ”.

 After her cancer diagnosis, Jane Fonda says she doesn’t have much time left but she’s not terrified of death

In a direct interview, Fonda acknowledged that she had received a Non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis back in September and added, “I’m not going to be around for very long. “.

Fonda emphasizes that she is not afraid of death but rather accepts it as a natural process. She also realizes she doesn’t have much time left and is making the most of it.

Even though she is aware that she will soon pass away, the actress insisted that she is not afraid of dying. In an open interview, Fonda said that as you get older, you should focus more on the time that has already passed than the time that is still ahead of you.

That is only logical, in her opinion. Fonda announced that she will receive chemotherapy after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

 After her cancer diagnosis, Jane Fonda says she doesn’t have much time left but she’s not terrified of death

So, my dear friends, let me share a personal story with you. Chemotherapy has already begun since my Hodgkin’s non-lymphoma diagnosis. This form of cancer is very treatable. I consider myself incredibly fortunate given that only 80% of survivors. “.

“I appreciate having access to the best medical specialists and treatments because of my health insurance. Although I am conscious of how fortunate I am to have access to this knowledge, it still hurts. “.

“Because cancer has touched nearly every American family in some way, it is unfair that many people do not have access to the same world-class medical care that I do. I would much rather stay home, but I know I must go sooner rather than later. ”.

 After her cancer diagnosis, Jane Fonda says she doesn’t have much time left but she’s not terrified of death

Public figures, in Fonda’s opinion, should promote solutions and use their influence to advance deserving causes. The 84-year-old Fonda says one of these causes is getting rid of cancer, which fossil fuels and pesticides can contribute to.

Despite her cancer, Fonda vowed to keep advocating for the environment. Being nearly 85 has made the value of adapting to new circumstances more apparent, and her experience with cancer has taught her the value of community.

The majority of Jane Fonda’s life has been spent as an actress. As the daughter of renowned actor Henry Fonda, she has received numerous accolades and has a stellar reputation.

For millions of people, she has evolved into an icon and role model. In 2010, she received a breast cancer diagnosis, but she recovered. She claimed that in April 2018, a malignant tumor on her lower lip was removed.

Our prayers and condolences go out to Jane Fonda. She faces a difficult situation, but we sincerely believe she will survive it. If you’re a fan of Jane Fonda, please spread the word about this article on Facebook!