It’s been a full year since the traumatic incident that occurred on the Drummond family’s Oklahoma cattle ranch and left Ree Drummond’s husband, Ladd, with serious injuries. Today, the popular television chef delivered an update on her husband’s recovery, which had been highly requested by fans.

“After a year has passed, let us report that Ladd is doing exceptionally well,” Ree Drummond said in a post on her blog. “This is astounding when one considers the unfortunate event that took place in March 2021. He is doing weightlifting, riding his horse, caring for the livestock and performing the same duties on the ranch that he has in the past.”

Despite the progress that Ladd has made, Ree acknowledged that her husband’s recovery is not complete. “It’s true that his neck is still a little stiff and it most likely will remain for the rest of his life,” Ree wrote. “When I call him, he can no longer turn his head to look at me.”

Despite the challenges they have faced, Ree is grateful for her husband’s progress and the support they have received. “In light of the foregoing, I want to express my gratitude on this day that Ladd is, for the most part, back to normal,” Ree said. “And just in time for the beginning of the spring burning season.”

In March 2021, fans of “Pioneer Woman” were shocked to hear that Ladd Drummond, husband of Ree Drummond, had suffered a fractured neck as a result of a head-on collision on the family’s Oklahoma cattle ranch. The accident occurred as Ladd and his nephew, Caleb, were rushing to put out a fire that had broken out on the property.

Due to the severity of the injuries, Ladd was required to wear a neck brace for several months, including to his daughter Alex’s wedding in May. While one fracture was able to be healed through medical treatment, the other fracture needed more time to heal. “The surgeon had told us that the fracture in his neck came dangerously close to damaging his spinal cord,” Ree wrote in a letter to her fans. “The fact that Ladd was lucky to be able to get up and walk around after surgery was not lost on him.”

Despite the progress that Ladd has made in his recovery, the Drummond family asks that fans continue to keep Ladd in their thoughts and please exercise caution while he is in public. Despite the accident and the injuries, Ladd is doing well and Ree is relieved to hear that he is feeling better.

Overall, it is clear that Ladd Drummond has made a remarkable recovery since the accident that occurred on the family’s Oklahoma cattle ranch in March 2021. He is back to his normal routine, performing the same duties on the ranch and he is doing weightlifting and riding his horse. We are grateful for the progress he has made and we wish him continued success in his recovery.

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