Deborah Roberts updated her 27-year-old husband on Instagram Live following his knee surgery on May 9.
After having knee surgery, Al Roker is still improving.

Al Roker, 68, is “doing pretty well but moving a little slowly,” Deborah Roberts, 62, the weatherman’s wife, wrote to her followers on Instagram on Sunday.”.

After knee surgery, Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts said that he is “moving a little slowly.”

According to Roberts, senior national affairs correspondent for ABC News, Roker is eager to get back to work after having surgery on May 9. Roberts also thanks followers for their well wishes.
Everyone had expressed genuine concern for him and a desire to make sure he was okay, and she thanked them for that. “As many of you know, he had his knee replaced; as a result, a knee that had been replaced many, many years prior needed to be replaced once more. ”.

It slows things down and makes things a little harder, she added. Although he moves a little more slowly than usual, he is doing quite well overall. However, the harder surgery has been harder to recover from.”.

Roberts continued talking to the camera while stating that her husband of 27 years was seated across from her but was “not interested in getting involved today.”.

After knee surgery, Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts said that he is “moving a little slowly.”

He just wants to thank everyone who has asked about him, she said. “Thank you all so much; you have all been so generous and kind to my family over the last few months as we’ve been through a few things.”.

Journalist: “Al is itching to try to get back to work, but the doctor just wants him to take it slowly so that he can continue to heal well. Upon Roker’s return to the NBC program, the audience responded, “. In Al’s and our family’s names, I want to say a huge thank you.
He’ll be here soon, I’m sure of it.”.

Roberts then reprimanded her husband for not getting enough sleep. Some of you may have seen him cooking, she said.”.

“He needed to give himself some time, some rest, elevate his leg, ice it, and other things; he’s doing all of that, which is why I didn’t like that he’s been trying to do that. ”.

I just wanted to give you a quick update on him because he’s working really hard to follow the doctor’s recommendations so that he can get back to work as soon as possible.”.

After knee surgery, Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts said that he is “moving a little slowly.”

Roker called Today’s Studio on May 15 to check in with his co-stars, Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Craig Melvin, and Dylan Dreyer.
When asked about his recovery, Roker told his friends and coworkers that his knee was still “stiff. ”.

This one was “a little more complicated because it was a replacement of a replacement; it was what they call a revision, so it was a bit of a bear,” Roker continued. We’ve mainly just been hanging out. Although it’s true, it’s a concept that many people find difficult to grasp.”.

Before joining Today again, Roker acknowledged that he still had work to do, including “three days a week of physical rehab that will last for a few months.”.

I still don’t know, but I’m hoping to return sometime in the next two weeks, Roker said. We’ll just wing it every day. But the problem lies there. And yes, I am aware that I won’t use it again before I have to. ”.

After knee surgery, Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts said that he is “moving a little slowly.”

Roker underwent his first knee replacement procedure in April 2022.
The weatherman missed two months of work following the health scare before beginning his employment with Today in early January. Look, I had two making things difficult, Roker said at the time. They think that my blood clots were brought on by my COVID treatment in September. My blood was lost in half as a result of internal bleeding that started soon after. It was something they were trying to find and were looking for.
Roker was getting medical attention at the New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. After surgery, two bleeding ulcers were discovered by his medical team. He had surgery on his duodenum, a section of the small intestine, and had his gallbladder removed in addition to having his colon resected.
I had one surgery, but I ended up needing four, Roker jokingly remarked. ”.