Each week, my kids bring me a different sweet request. My first exposure to sweets came from Saturday morning cartoons, but in the midst of the Mr. Dolittle Beast and Unspeakable movies, new candies are aggressively marketed to kids.

The young ones typically beg for sour candies and compete to eat the most of them without throwing up. Whatever they do in the backseat, I don’t mind.

I can relate to the mom who bought Zombie Skittles without understanding how they differed from regular Skittles because I rarely read the candy packaging and always receive the requested candy.

 After learning that she had been giving the kids “Zombie Skittles” for a month without knowing what was in the bags, the mother goes viral.

Like Emily Massingill, I would assume that Zombie Skittles were Halloween-themed and would not give the sweet treats any further thought.

Essentially, Zombie Skittles are a silly candy. The remaining Skittles in the bag are delicious and as usual, but one of them, in Emily’s words, “has the flavor of 54 dirty diapers in the trash,”. ”.

She now feels bad for forcing her kids to eat strange sweets after they used to complain that the Skittles were unpleasant to eat.

She wrote on Facebook, “Don’t worry if you’re feeling like a lousy mom today.”. “I fed my children these Skittles for a month without noticing one skittle that tasted like rotten meat or 54 used diapers in the trash. They kept complaining about the Skittles, so I threatened to stop giving them candies if they didn’t eat them. ”.

The internet attacked Emily for a million different reasons, which was only natural, necessitating two updates to her article.

The initial edit is shown here:.

“I don’t give my kids candy every day, so it’s absurd that this has drawn so much attention. But for a month, this is what they got instead of sweets. Only about six packs total were consumed. Additionally, you can contribute to my children’s therapy fund through my @emilymichellephotos Venmo account if you wish. I can assure you that they will demand the best because of this tragedy. ”.

 After learning that she had been giving the kids “Zombie Skittles” for a month without knowing what was in the bags, the mother goes viral.

And here is the following second edit:.

Please pay attention to yourself; it’s Skittles, not horseradish.

“Edit two; why would you make your kids like something that most people don’t like? Fortunately, the ones I consumed were acceptable. ”.

I completely support Emily because I’ve been in her shoes. Even though your kids don’t like the item you bought for them, you gave it to them anyway because you couldn’t bear to throw it away.

Fortunately for her, Halloween is quickly approaching and those are individual bags.