Following the singer’s extremely sad Instagram post, Reba McEntire’s followers have been expressing their sympathy.

As her career soars, the Big Sky actress recently made an appearance in a role. Reba’s career has remained one of the most impressive in country music thanks to her well-known CMA Awards performance this year, a Grammy nomination, and a lead role in an ABC drama series.

The singer and her partner Rex Linn are lamenting the loss of a cherished family member despite the recent celebrations.

In a heartbreaking Instagram post, the singer of “The Heart Won’t Lie” and Rex informed followers that her “Angel delivered” dog, Riddler, had passed away.

 After sharing heartbreaking news on Instagram, Reba McEntire and Rex Linn’s supporters rallied around them.

With the caption, “If we’re really lucky, an Angel will place something in our laps that will affect us for a lifetime…and we got really lucky,” the 67-year-old woman posted numerous images in black and white to commemorate her beloved French bulldog. ”.

She continued, “At age 7, lymphoma took his life less than three weeks after diagnosis. He was a GRAND CHAMPION in the show ring, but in reality, he was even more outstanding. Everyone he met was affected by him. The Best was an excellent partner to ride the river with. ”.

After the depressing post, fans flocked to the singer’s comment section to express their sorrow with phrases like:.

“I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Riddler was probably aware of how beloved he was. I’m sending you my love. Riddler, rest in peace. “I’m sorry, guys. I’m sending you tons of love. Your kids belong to the family. We regret your loss. Trisha Yearwood, a longtime friend and fellow country singer, sent a message of congratulations, saying, “You loved him well, and he loved you back. That is something that we all strive for. I adore you, Riddler. ”.

We’re sending Reba and Rex our heartfelt condolences.