Fans of Al Roker were overjoyed to see him spending Christmas with his loved ones, but their happiness was tempered by concern for his health.

Recently, the beloved weatherman from Today had spent time in the hospital due to blood clots. During the holidays, Al took to social media to provide an update on his condition.

He shared a video from the interior of his home, which left many of his supporters worried for his health. The video, which can be viewed below, illustrates the seriousness of his condition and why fans were so concerned.

Despite his recent health issues, Al has been recuperating at home for the past month. However, he decided to interrupt his recuperation to post one final tweet on Twitter before the holiday season. In the tweet, he announced that he would be departing from the platform.

Al explained that he needed to “take a break” and that this was necessary. He thanked his followers on Twitter for their support and invited them to connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Before wishing his fans “Happy Holidays,” he said, “It’s time to take a break; we’ve had some wonderful times together, but it’s now time to step away.”

The news of Al’s departure from Twitter shocked his followers. Many expressed their disappointment but also acknowledged that his health was more important.

One fan commented, “Spend this time with your supportive family, make the most of your retirement, and don’t stop walking.” Al Roker’s fans wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back on their screens soon.


Fans of Al Roker couldn’t be more excited to see him back in action, sharing his incredible meals, beautiful scenery, and health updates. One fan commented, “We are looking forward to seeing your articles about incredible meals, images of beautiful scenery, and health updates. We adore you, Al!”

Another fan expressed their gratitude for the light Al has shared throughout the years, stating, “Thank you for sharing your light throughout all of these years. You are a treasure. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and know how much we love you!”

With Al making progress in his ongoing recovery from his health issues, many fans are looking forward to continuing to follow him on Facebook and Instagram, and hope to see him back on the Today show when he feels ready to return.

One fan commented, “Happy Holidays, Al. I hope you are feeling better. I am looking forward to continuing to follow you on Facebook and Instagram, and I hope to see you on the Today show when you feel you are ready to return.”

In light of his recovery, Al has decided to take a break from Twitter, but fans are still able to stay connected with him on other social media platforms. Fans wish Al a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him back in action soon.

In conclusion, fans of Al Roker are pleased to see him spending time with his loved ones during the holidays and are happy to hear that he is making progress in his recovery. They look forward to seeing his articles, images and updates on his health on other social media platforms.

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