Deborah Roberts, Al Roker’s wife of 27 years, recently told Entertainment Tonight about how challenging it was to support him through a severe health crisis.

She assumed the role of caregiver during his hospitalisation and recovery from a seven-hour surgery.

Deborah expressed to ET her hope that she wouldn’t ever have to experience something similar again. She had never experienced anything like it before.

She claimed that people frequently need to pay more attention to how demanding and challenging it can be.

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A terrible incident involving her close friend Al Roker’s health was recently discussed by Robin Roberts, a well-known senior national affairs reporter for ABC News and a contributor to 20/20.

Roberts, 62, admitted to being emotionally and mentally worn out due to the situation. She acknowledged being worn out and relieved everyone had been kept safe.

According to Roberts, the necessary support system during this trying time was provided by her faith, spirituality, family, coworkers, and friends.

Roberts joked that Roker was doing fine because he was “back to driving her crazy” and expressed her gratitude for her many friends who had been there for her throughout it all. “.

Due to blood clots spreading from his leg to his lungs, Al Roker was admitted to New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical Center twice in the first two weeks of November.

Al’s life was put in danger by the illness and a prior prostate cancer diagnosis in 2020, which horrified his family.

Leila, 24, Nicholas, 20, and Courtney (Al’s ex-wife Courtney’s daughter), who is 35, were their three daughters. His wife, Robin Roberts, revealed that she had planned for possibly losing her husband and having to tell the news to their three daughters.

Al Roker was ecstatic about the assistance he had received. He knew how much further he had come thanks to it.

Roker expressed his appreciation by stating that he felt incredibly fortunate to be alive.

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