Alec Baldwin horrified the nation when he accidentally killed filmmaker Halyna Hutchins by shooting her.

The woman’s death was ruled a terrible accident on the set by investigators, but an investigation has also been launched.

Halyna Hutchins and the rest of the cast were filming “Rust” in New Mexico. A shooting scenario was supposed to be filmed, but Alec Baldwin carried a loaded pistol, which precipitated the catastrophe.

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Some have questioned whether Halyna Hutchins’ death was an accident or a murder.

Everything points to an accident, and Alec had no idea his pistol was accurate and loaded. Unfortunately, Halyna Hutchins was denied entry by the medical team. She had a husband and a child.

Alec is captivated by the tragedy and has stated that he will work with the authorities to assist them with anything they require. He can’t believe what has happened to him. His expression shows how much this tragedy shook him. Alec was also with Halyna Hutchins’ family to assist them with whatever they required.

Alec remarked on Twitter that he is heartbroken and astonished by what occurred and is cooperating with police to determine exactly what happened.

He also stated that he would remain with Halyna’s family to provide them with everything they required and his full support.

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However, Alec was and is being investigated because he is not only the perpetrator of the crime but also a part of the film’s production team.

As a result, it is being investigated if Alec was aware of the circumstances surrounding the film’s props. They are looking for the person who supplied the actor with the pistol until that point. As per the rules, the weapon was examined before an assistant, who affirmed that it could be used without putting anyone on set in danger.

For the time being, Alec must demonstrate that everything that occurred was a horrible accident.

The actor has decided to withdraw from public life until the entire procedure is done, although he continues to live with Halyna Hutchins’ family.

Indeed, he needs a few months of peace to process what happened and heal.