Allison Holker, a talented dancer and choreographer, has recently resurfaced on social media following a tragic event in her personal life. She was married to Stephen “tWitch” Boss, a beloved TV celebrity, but took a break from social media just a week after his passing.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Allison shared a photo of herself with her late husband, captioning it with a message of love and grief. “My UNIQUE and ONLY ONE. Oh, my heart hurts. We are constantly thinking about you,” she wrote. The couple met while competing on an episode of So You Think You Can Dance, and their shared passion for dance was evident through the many videos of them dancing together that they regularly posted on social media.

Allison’s message of loss and love has touched the hearts of many, including The Ellen Show’s official Twitter account, which responded with a message of support. “There is so much love coming to you and your family,” they tweeted. Other celebrities, such as Ashley Tisdale, have also reached out to offer their condolences, with Tisdale writing, “Sending so much love to you and ur family. I sincerely hope you can feel it.”

As Allison continues to mourn the loss of her dead husband, it’s clear that she is surrounded by an outpouring of love and support from her friends, fans, and loved ones. The couple’s shared passion for dance will always be remembered and celebrated through the memories they left behind on social media.

Allison Holker, a professional dancer and choreographer, received an outpouring of love and support from her peers and fans after the tragic death of her husband, Stephen “tWitch” Boss. Peta Murgatroyd, a fellow dancer, commented on Julianne Hough’s tweet, sending her love and support to Allison. Hough had previously written, “Wrapping you and your family in so much love.”

On December 14th, Allison confirmed tWitch’s death and released a statement about the loss. The Los Angeles County coroner’s office later revealed that he had died by suicide. Allison had contacted the Los Angeles Police Department after she was unable to reach him on December 13th and discovered that he had left his car at their home in the Encino district. The motel where he was staying called 911 after he had not checked out by the allotted time.

Stephen and Allison had a deep connection through their shared passion for dance, having met for the first time in 2010 on the seventh season of So You Think You Can Dance when they both competed as all-stars. The couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary just four days before his death and had been co-parenting their three children together since they married in 2013.

Allison and Stephen had a daughter, Weslie Fowler, who is now 14, and two other children, Zaia, 3, and Maddox, 6, together. The couple’s love story began on a dance floor, and it’s clear that they will always be remembered and celebrated for their passion and dedication to their craft.

In summary

Allison Holker’s recent resurfacing on social media following the tragic loss of her husband, Stephen “tWitch” Boss, has shown the outpouring of love and support from her peers and fans. The couple’s shared passion for dance and their love story that began on a dance floor will always be remembered and celebrated. The tragic news of tWitch’s death serves as a reminder to take care of our mental health and to reach out for help when in need.

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