As the family continues to disagree over their $4 million farm, Amy Roloff of Little People sobbed in a heartbreaking new video.

The 60-year-old Chris Marek’s wife, the TLC personality opened up about her past suffering following their argument.

The most recent episode of Little People, Big World featured Amy, 60, and Chris talking about how they would develop the reality star’s herb garden.

Following her husband’s repetition of the agreed-upon action plan, Amy chirped, “That’s why we’re talking about this and having a visual.”.

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Chris chuckled with an indignant “I thought it was clear!”. Don’t make that assumption, Amy hastily corrected herself. It didn’t make sense to me. “.

She pointed to the spot where she would plant her garden and said, “We’re looking at this differently, and our words [and] comprehension are different.

I know we’re just apples and oranges sometimes, Chris said, trying to diffuse the situation. ”.

Just be patient, the reality star retorted. What does it matter if I don’t understand it?

“I feel like I’m explaining it pretty well, very logically, and it makes sense in my head,” Chris admitted in a confessional. There’s no need for a debate, but occasionally I lose my cool when Amy doesn’t get it. ”.

The two are seen sitting down and formulating a plan in the yard once again.

See, we can still cooperate, baby,” Amy said adorably.

Chris got his foot in his mouth once more as he said, “I just have to pound it out. “.

Amy clarifies, “You can’t think that way…hammering it out.

“That’s a business term. Don’t be offended, Chris continued, “It’s just a saying. “.

I am sensitive to it; you are right, Amy acknowledged. She continued: “I think that’s a lot to do with being conscious of my appearance and how people perceive me throughout my life.

“Because it only takes one little thing to put you out. “.

In her own confessional, Amy stated, “There are times when Chris may say something innocent on his part, but to me, it’s like, “What are you doing?”.”.

“I tend to be more sensitive because I still struggle with the old cliche of trying to fit in and live up to other people’s expectations from my childhood.

“I am aware that these factors played a part in my marriage to Matt. I occasionally didn’t feel supported or inspired, and when that occurs infrequently… It can make you feel deflated. ”.

When Amy and her husband later talked about their argument, Chris admitted, “I think early on, I had to encourage Amy to talk about everything. “.

Amy quickly intervened, saying, “I think I suffered internally. I was also afraid that if I said something incorrectly, he would leave. “.

As she remembers her early adversities, the LPBW star sobs: “There are some memories from my youth. Simply put, I’m appreciative that he thinks highly enough of me. “.

Then Chris hugs his wife and says, “More than good enough,” speaking to her rather than to the cameras. “.

The opinion of viewers is that Amy currently appears “happier” with Chris Marek than she ever did with her 61-year-old ex-husband Matt.

On Instagram, Amy posted pictures of their date night together and wrote, “Date night with my charming spouse. Friday night snacks while listening to the CBD band in downtown Hillsboro. “.

The first shows the TV personality enthusiastically smiling as she takes a photo outside with a sunglasses-wearing Chris.

The CBD above band is heard singing a folky bluegrass country song in the recording that follows the post slide.

In the final frame, Amy grinned as she dove into a huge cup of ice cream.

Had to top the night off with ice cream,” Amy writes in the caption of the picture, highlighting the sweet treat. “.

The comments section was flooded with messages of support for Amy and her second husband.

“Amy, I’ve never seen you so joyful,” one supporter wrote. Chris was a no-brainer choice for you. “.

Another person remarked, “It’s so nice to see you enjoying life and happy with Chris.”.

You appear happy and fantastic, another person remarked.

Several followers expressed similar sentiments, saying, “May I add, you look so happier these days” and “I just love you two together. “.

Amy confronted Matt passionately in the season finale, accusing him of inciting a terrible feud over the sale of the family farm.

16 acres of Roloff Farms were put up for sale for $4 million on May 12 by Matt.

The TV personality claimed that her ex-husband’s choice had created a “hornet’s nest” in their relationship.

Matt asserted his defense, “There are 93 acres in this family—-.”.

Amy quickly jumped in, “No, there are 93 acres for Matt Roloff.

In a confessional, the family matriarch admits she “doesn’t perceive any form of ownership on Matt’s behalf.”. “.

Matt acknowledged that he thinks Zach and Jeremy, both 32, are entitled.

Amy continued that you keep buying them ATV bikes every time they turn around, so don’t blame it on me.

Matt confronted his ex-wife by admitting that he has spoken extensively about his flaws and then asked Amy, “Have you spoken extensively about your flaws?”.

Amy once owned a share of Roloff Farms, according to the exclusive report in the US Sun.

On August 13, 2020, Amy paid $975,000 for 32.28 acres of land.