On February 6, Felicia LoAlbo-Melendez, an 11-year-old New Jersey student, made an attempt on her life in a school bathroom as a result of bullying. Another student found her and took her to a nearby hospital in Philadelphia, where she passed away two days later.

Just two weeks had passed since her father, Detective Alexis Melendez of the New Jersey Transit Police, passed away from pancreatic cancer. It also occurred shortly after she complained about bullying to school officials; regrettably, her pleas for help were largely disregarded.

“She had detailed the events in a number of emails to the administration, but no one ever questioned her. Her mother, Elaina LoAlbo, claimed that “they swept under the rug the bullying that she and numerous other students in that school experienced, and now they’re doing the same with this investigation.

An 11-year-old New Jersey student commits herself in the school bathroom just days after reporting bullying to school officials.

She was alone in the bathroom when she died, according to an investigation by the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office, but no school officials were held accountable for failing to stop the bullying as a result of this failure. Right now, they’re thinking about dismissing the case.

Elaina forwarded a thought to the school’s administrators in one of her daughter’s emails. When I had a brilliant idea, I was watching TV and reflecting on past events. It would not be a theater club, but a trauma club. I would help and offer whatever support I could. “.

She continued by saying that her daughter wasn’t the only one at school who was bullied. Felicia stated in her email that she would only require a room and some chairs, adding, “I, for one, have heard from friends and others about things that have happened to them, and I think this would be a fantastic thing.”.

An 11-year-old New Jersey student commits herself in the school bathroom just days after reporting bullying to school officials.

In a Facebook post, Elaina expressed her concern that detectives and school administrators were failing to fully investigate her daughter’s problem before brushing it off. She wants to make sure that her daughter’s voice is heard and that no other parent finds themselves in a similar situation; therefore, she wants to see that something is done.

Examples of bullying include mental suffering, emotional distress, bodily harm, and, in severe cases, death. She urged others to take action against bullying by writing on Facebook, “It MUST STOP PERIOD, whether the child who was bullied committed suicide or was physically hurt by their bully.

At a school board meeting in March, Felicia’s friend’s father, Seth Turner, spoke and praised Felicia as one of the smartest children he had ever met. Felicia was being bullied, and his daughter had told him about it. He is now sorry for not informing the instructors in time for anything to be done. ‘.

Seth said, “Our response to this tragedy has been pathetic. While no response to the death of an 11-year-old girl can ever be truly adequate. Felicia merits superior treatment. I hope we can give her the thorough investigation, complete accounting, and the truth she deserves. “.

An 11-year-old New Jersey student commits herself in the school bathroom just days after reporting bullying to school officials.

According to her obituary, Felicia LoAlbo-Melendez loved reading, crafts, Halloween, Krav Maga (an Israeli martial art), anime, theater, and Halloween. She cherished exploring new places, discovering novelties, and letting her imagination soar. She is still alive, as are her mother, two older brothers, and a large number of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

“She was the kind of caring individual that everyone aspires to be. Felicia was genuinely kind and selfless, and her radiant disposition uplifted others. According to her obituary, “She was the most loving daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and friend who will be greatly missed.”. Hopefully now, her voice will be heard!