The coroner’s office has released the autopsy report for cherished actress Anne Heche, who passed away three months ago. According to records uncovered by People magazine, Anne did not use any drugs or alcohol prior to the collision that might have affected her judgment or contributed to it.

However, laboratory tests found traces of benzoylecgonine, a cocaine metabolite, proving that she had previously used the drug prior to the incident. Cannabis was also noted as a drug used recreationally prior to the tragic event.

The good news for fans who have adored and admired Anne’s work in movies and television shows is that the findings also showed she was not under the influence when the incident occurred. These results support the claims made by Heche, who has always advocated for leading a healthy lifestyle and abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

Anne Heche autopsy results

While it cannot be completely ruled out that other outside factors, such as exhaustion or distraction while driving, may have contributed to her accident, it does not appear that she added any substances to these factors.

According to the toxicology report, cannabinoids were discovered in the urine sample, which is consistent with earlier use but not at the time of the accident.

Additionally, fentanyl was found in her system. However, given that her admission blood sample contained no indication, this was probably related to therapeutic use. She was treated at the hospital after admission, which lends, even more, credence to this.

Anne Heche autopsy results

She appeared to have used marijuana prior to the incident, but there was no evidence of impairment at the time. She used fentanyl for therapeutic purposes after the accident, as evidenced by her hospitalization and subsequent care.

This is corroborated by the fact that there was no fentanyl in either her pre- or post-treatment blood samples. According to the findings of this toxicology test, she was not impaired by fentanyl or cannabis at the time of the accident.

The article claims that Anne Heche suffered such severe burns during the collision that her body was unable to properly absorb oxygen from the air, leading to anoxic brain damage, which was ultimately determined to be the cause of death.

Anne Heche autopsy results

Heche’s two surviving children, Homer Laffoon Heche, 20, and Atlas Heche Tupper, 13, have been affected by this tragedy. At first, it was believed that Anne Heche didn’t have a will. Thus, her eldest son started legal action to take control of their mother’s property.

The siblings have found it difficult to deal with their mother’s passing while navigating the complicated legal issues surrounding her estate.

It was recently discovered that James Tupper, the father of Anne Heche’s youngest son, has prevented Homer from speaking to Atlas, his younger brother. According to reports, Tupper obstructs Homer’s attempts to contact Atlas by using a 2011 document that he believes ought to be accepted as Anne’s will.

The signature on the alleged will is not Anne Heche’s, and it was not witnessed by two people, as required by law, according to court documents submitted in response to this claim. This email is not holographic or legally witnessed, despite Tupper calling it a “will” on numerous occasions.

Anne Heche autopsy results

This means that it cannot be taken into account as a reliable document unless it is observed and approved by qualified witnesses and will experts.

Homer Heche Laffoon and Atlas Heche Tupper, the Decedent’s two intestate heirs, recently submitted a Petition for Appointment of Guardian ad Litem to assert their claim to their mother’s material possessions.

Her children, Homer and Atlas, are in excruciating pain as a result of the tragic death. Homer reflected on the outpouring of support he received from thousands of friends, family members, and admirers over the course of six days in his first statement following the death of his mother. He also thanked his stepmother Alexi and father Coley for their unwavering support during this trying time.

At this time, Atlas is still a minor. In order to waive the bond on Atlas’s behalf, they have asked that the power be granted to their guardian ad litem. Given that Homer was only nine years old in 2011, and assuming Tupper and Heche were still ostensibly engaged at the time, this ongoing process may prove to be significantly more difficult than simply presenting a valid holographic will.

Anne Heche autopsy results

First responders took 20 minutes longer than usual to reach the scene of Anne Heche’s car accident due to the tragic incident involving her death. Her careful removal from the car took another 20 minutes.

Firefighters can be heard talking about how they found one person trapped in an unreachable spot, up against the floorboard, and how they were able to free her by 11:01 a.m. on the tape. m. The victim, according to Deputy Chief Richard Fields, was sitting on the floorboard of the passenger seat rather than in the driver’s seat. It’s not clear what led her to this job.

The volume of smoke and flames present, according to Fields, made it impossible to see into or quickly enter the vehicle. After going into a coma, Anne Heche was put on life support; as a result, she passed away a week after the accident. Later, her organs were donated to those in need of transplants to save their lives.

Despite our best efforts to stay safe and secure, this tragic incident serves as a reminder of how quickly an unforeseen circumstance can arise, and Anne Heche’s untimely passing has devastated many.

Firefighters and paramedics worked assiduously and quickly to save Heche’s life. However, the extent of her injuries sustained during this event, which were brought on by unidentified causes, rendered their efforts ultimately useless.

Heche will reportedly be buried at Hollywood Forever, a location well-known for holding movie screenings, concerts, and other events. Her mother would have probably loved this location because of its serene atmosphere, and Heche will join other famous people from Hollywood who hasAnne Heche autopsy results

passed away over the years there.