Following a heart attack, Antonio Banderas’ life was forever altered. The actor claimed that rather than making matters worse, and it gave him a new outlook on life.

After experiencing a heart attack, Banderas, now 61, was taken to the hospital. Because his wife had bought strong aspirin tablets the day before, he was only able to survive the “very dramatic” incident.

Years later, the actor talked openly about his near-death experience and said that it had primarily been a positive experience.

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Forbes claims that it is “one of the sweetest things that has ever occurred in my life. “.

“It helped me understand what’s really important, and it helped me better understand who I am and where I fit in the world. ”.

“Several silly things that I once believed to be noteworthy have disappeared or sunk. “.

The change was something. “.

The actor even made a hint that the circumstances would alter how he performs.

“Actors need food because life is what they eat. “.

At the time it occurred, this episode was undoubtedly theatrical. “It opens my eyes differently and establishes a different order of priorities than before,” he said to Entertainment Tonight at the 2019 Hollywood Awards. “.

Approximately 73,000 deaths in the UK occur each year as a result of coronary heart disease, which includes angina and heart attacks.

After a heart attack, the risk of death and heart damage rises with each minute that passes.

Fortunately for Banderas, the powerful aspirins his wife had ordered the day before allowed him to respond quickly.

She purchased this aspirin because it was the only one she could find, and it was the strongest.

The following morning, she put one of those aspirins under my tongue when I noticed the symptoms and was fully aware of what was happening. This action saved my life. “”.

“Since I was given a second chance, my life has changed significantly. “.

A blood-thinning medication called aspirin stops the formation of new blood clots.

Although the Mayo Clinic states that taking aspirin during a heart attack is safe, aspirin is typically given by the NHS following a heart attack to lower the risk of developing new problems.

However, the government advises calling 911 first if you believe you have a heart attack.

The most typical signs of a heart attack are as follows:

Chest discomfort that feels pressing, heavy, tight, or squeezing across your chest and radiates to your arms, usually the left one, as well as your jaw, neck, back, and stomach; shortness of breath; nausea or vomiting; severe anxiety; coughing; or wheezing.

After a heart attack, you must get plenty of rest to avoid adding to your stress level.

Following his battle, Banderas went on to play Salvador, a drug addict and mentally and physically deteriorating filmmaker, in the movie Pain and Glory.

Near the film’s conclusion, when his character is scheduled for surgery, he lets the doctor know that he is still writing. According to Banderas, this is his character’s way of expressing, “Don’t kill me, I still have things to do.”.