King Charles’ coronation over the past weekend drew a lot of attention in London.

On the other side of the Atlantic, in California, Prince Archie celebrated his fourth birthday, and this was a different kind of royal celebration.

During the festivities, a moving image of Prince Archie reaching out to a portrait of Princess Diana appeared.

Archie’s ‘low-key’ fourth birthday party was captured in a photo by Meghan and Harry’s friend.

However, the touching post, which was shared by a close friend of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, elicited opposing reactions.

There was a festive mood in London over the weekend. A new era was inaugurated on May 6 with the accession of King Charles III, which brought a variety of royalty and foreign leaders to the British capital.

For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, May 6 held more significance than King Charles’ coronation. It was their beloved son Archie’s fourth birthday, a joyous event deserving of a separate celebration. According to reports, the couple made it clear that acknowledging Archie’s birthday would be necessary if they attended the coronation.

Harry would find attending the coronation “uncomfortable” due to revelations in his biography, author Christopher Andersen claimed on Fox News. This made Meghan’s decision to stay in the US with their children understandable since it allowed them to avoid close scrutiny.

The importance of Archie’s birthday in Meghan’s decision to remain in the US was emphasized by royal expert Omid Scobie.

Archie’s ‘low-key’ fourth birthday party was captured in a photo by Meghan and Harry’s friend.

“I think Archie’s fourth birthday, also on May 6, had something to do with the couple’s decision. Prince Harry will only be in the country for a brief visit because he needs to attend the coronation at Westminster Abbey, according to Scobie’s tweet.

It would seem that the King remembered his grandchild on this important day, but the worry persisted as the weekend went on: How would Archie’s birthday be celebrated? Charles reportedly gave Archie a heartfelt toast when he turned four, according to news reports.

On Saturday, a private family luncheon was held in the wake of King Charles’ dramatic coronation at Westminster Abbey and the family’s appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in London.

In a toast to “those who weren’t present,” according to the Daily Mail, King Charles wished Prince Archie a happy birthday. It was an emotional ode to his grandson, with whom he hasn’t had much interaction.

The insider described it as “a very sweet moment. ”.

Archie’s ‘low-key’ fourth birthday party was captured in a photo by Meghan and Harry’s friend.

Harry was sadly absent to witness the heartfelt toast. He could have joined the private family celebration, but he chose to honor Archie’s significant day by flying back to California right away instead. Rumour had it that Harry wasted no time and hurriedly boarded a jet for America after his father’s coronation.

Harry appears to have prioritized spending time with his son on this significant occasion, highlighting the close bond that a parent and child share even during important royal duties. According to estimates, the Duke of Sussex boarded an airplane around 3:45 PM and touched down in Los Angeles at about 6:55 PM local time.

Harry and Meghan’s massive home in Montecito, California, is typically a 90-minute drive from the airport. According to a reliable source, Harry was adamant about returning in time to personally tuck Archie into bed.

It was rumored that Archie’s birthday celebration was “low-key.”. According to family-friendly sources, a fresh lemon cake was served that Meghan herself made using fruits from their own garden. The precise guest list is unknown, but it is assumed to have included the closest relatives, making the gathering intimate.

Instead, emphasis was placed on yet another event that occurred on Archie’s birthday. Misan Harriman, a close friend of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and a photographer, seized the opportunity to spotlight a particularly touching moment.

Archie’s ‘low-key’ fourth birthday party was captured in a photo by Meghan and Harry’s friend.

In addition to wishing Archie a happy birthday, Harriman posted a picture of a young Archie holding a portrait of Princess Diana, his grandmother.

The image was taken from a screenshot of The Sussexes on Netflix. Although the picture and its message were not particularly contentious, some people on social media tried to read it as a subtle criticism or obscuring of King Charles’ coronation by photographer Misan Harriman. Though most responses were favorable, many people remarked that the image was adorable.

Someone else added, “Happy Birthday, Archie.”.

“Your family and I love you. We anticipate seeing photos soon. Blessings. We salute you. Today is fantastic thanks to you. ”.

Archie, happy birthday! May your life be full of happiness and many achievements that will motivate us all.