Ava Sue’s condition was disclosed to their Instagram followers by Alfonso Ribeiro and his wife, Angela Ribeiro. The day before her fourth birthday, Ava fell off her sit-down scooter, necessitating an emergency procedure on May 12 to prevent scarring.

Both parents posted the same image of their daughter’s wounds, which showed some serious burns and bruises close to her right eye, elbow, and other areas. Alfonso expressed his appreciation for the caring and knowledgeable staff at Kare MD Skin Health for assisting in Ava’s recovery and his pride in her.

“I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Kare MD Skin Health for the emergency service and procedure that helped to lessen the likelihood of scarring. On May 12, Alfonso wrote in the caption of a picture on Instagram, “So proud of how brave my little girl was throughout the procedure.

 Before her fourth birthday, Alfonso Ribeiro calls his daughter “brave” when she has a scooter accident.

Ava’s mother, Angela Ribeiro, provided more details about the incident around the same time her husband posted his Instagram caption. She claimed to have “a vision/motherly intuition” that Ava would end up in the ER when she woke up on Friday; her maternal inclinations were tingling.

I said, ‘We are not doing anything wild or unsafe today that might lead to a potential ER visit,’ to the family, kids, babysitter, and friends helping with Ava’s birthday party preparations. When she yelled these words, she claimed that “I made everyone look at me,” in the Instagram caption.

She made the implication that her warning had been ignored because the scooter accident had happened soon after. Angela, Ava’s mother, sent a sincere thank you note to Kare MD Skin Health, and in particular to Dr. Dot Raffy, for treating her daughter after hours and lowering the likelihood that she would experience severe scarring.

 Before her fourth birthday, Alfonso Ribeiro calls his daughter “brave” when she has a scooter accident.

She was a trooper, but it wasn’t the best way to spend your last day as a 3-year-old. More hugs tonight for this amazing girl,” she added. Many well-known people left their well wishes in the comments section, including Allison Holker, Kimberly Van Der Beek, Sharna Burgess, Will Buxton, and many others.

Following her emergency surgery on May 13, Angela and Alfonso Ribeiro celebrated Ava Sue’s fourth birthday. Although it’s unknown what activities (if any) they engage in each day, Angela tweeted a photo of Ava preparing to eat what appeared to be delicious Swedish pancakes.

The Kare MD Skin Health team wished Ava a happy birthday on Instagram on May 13 and thanked Alfonso Ribeiro for his kind words. Alfonso, thank you for your kind words. Our care for your adorable princess Ava makes us feel honored. They captioned the photo, “Good luck with your recovery.”.

 Before her fourth birthday, Alfonso Ribeiro calls his daughter “brave” when she has a scooter accident.

Just two weeks prior to this birthday, on April 30, 2015, their son Anders Reyn turned eight. He received birthday greetings from Angela and Alfonso via Instagram, along with a photo of him next to a huge balloon that read, “8. Their family is growing so quickly!

Angela and Alfonso Ribeiro have been growing their family ever since they were wed on October 13, 2012. They have two sons, Alfonso Lincoln, 9, and Anders Reyn, 8, and a daughter, Ava Sue, 4. Another offspring of Alfonso’s from a previous union is Sienna Ribeiro, age 20.