The public has consistently viewed Kate Middleton as healthy, active, and positive. The Princess of Wales made numerous appearances at educational facilities and other places where she has previously participated in extracurricular activities, including taking over Prince Harry’s sponsorship of the English rugby team.

But being a princess can be pretty demanding, especially if you’re married to a future king. As a mother of three, Kate finds it difficult to fit into extracurricular activities like fitness.

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But Kate recently shared a tip for working out and explained why she bounces on a trampoline first thing every morning.

The Royal Family, including Kate Middleton, is moving on following the release of Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, two weeks ago.

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While many of the worlds had a preview of what would come through Harry and Meghan’s forthcoming documentary series on Netflix, Spare was entirely different. Royal fans eagerly anticipated the book.

According to the insider who spoke to the Daily Mail, the exercise consists of three movements: the basic plank, the side plank, and the prone skydive. Kate must hold each position for at least 45 seconds and repeat each exercise ten times.

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You must balance on your side with your feet together, your torso straight, and one arm flexed directly under your shoulder to perform a side plank.

The source continued, “The prone sky dive plank is slightly less painful because you have to lie on your stomach and slowly lift your chest off the floor until your stomach muscles beg for mercy. “.

In addition, a source revealed that Kate works her abs with an inflated gym ball. The Princess leads an active lifestyle, has a great body, and is always open to trying new things.

Cross-country running, hockey and tennis were some of Kate’s school activities. However, it seems like one of her favourite activities these days involves her children and is done very early in the morning.

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Mornings at William and Kate’s house might be chaotic with three young children. You can only imagine how challenging it must be to manage and coordinate three active children after the Princess admitted that she and William once struggled to plait Charlotte’s hair.