This Nigerian woman, age 31, had no idea what she was in for when she gave birth in February of that year. She can now tell her sons’ identical twins apart with ease. Although Daniel and David were born only a few minutes apart, they are unrelated.

Stacy and Babajide, who are both black and reside in Lagos, are the parents of albinos. The adorable twins often get noticed wherever they go because of their noticeably different appearances.

Daniel has dark and black curly hair, similar to that of his 5-year-old big sister Demilade, unlike David, who is stunningly white with fair skin and golden hair.

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The twins gained nearly 18,000 followers on Instagram after just a year, thanks to Stacy’s decision to post about the odd couple’s activities there.

Everyone was shocked when the twins were delivered on February 26th of last year.

It was a huge surprise and the most amazing moment when the first twin (Daniel) came out with black hair and the second twin (David) came out with gold hair because we were unaware of their differences while I was pregnant, and the scan did not show much.

The doctors informed me that it appeared I was carrying unidentical twins because I delivered them via CS. Stacy, a mother of three, said, “Nurses started coming out to look at them before I knew it.

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Because one twin was black and the other was white, the twins could easily be distinguished.

Stacy told us about the touching response her husband had to this turn of events.

Their father was overjoyed and gave My Twin 2 (David) the nickname “Golden,” so he now calls him Mr. Golden. When he finally saw his boys, he was ecstatic.

After gazing at them for more than ten minutes, he declared that they were God’s greatest gift ever and that he was admiring his beautiful creation. “.

David has albinism, which is extremely rare; only one in every 20,000 infants is born with this condition.

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Lack of melanin, the pigment made in the skin, hair, and eyes, is a characteristic of albinism, a congenital disorder. All racial and ethnic groups are impacted, and the type of pigmentation has varying degrees of influence.

With a birth probability of between 3,000 and 20,000, albinism is a rare condition. Due to the potential for various skin and vision problems, albinos must proceed with extreme caution.

Due to his albinism, David has lovely golden hair and a pale complexion. David, fortunately, is said to be in good health by Stacy.

With more than two million confirmed or suspected cases, Nigeria has one of the highest rates of albinism in the world. Statistics, however, indicate that the skin tone of this community’s members continues to stigmatize it.

The discrimination and harassment experienced by over 600,000 albino Nigerians from their peers, families, and communities frequently results in employment challenges and academic failure.

No one has ever expressed anything unfavorable to Stacy about her two sons, she claimed, and they are both unconditionally loved.

“Whenever we go out, there are always side conversations. People frequently inquire as to how and what is happening, and perhaps due to their cute and adorable nature, you just want to approach and say hello. “.

The twins’ family has gotten modeling offers from UK agencies due to their distinctive features. The family has opened an Instagram account to share their happiness and call attention to significant issues, and they are prepared to seize any opportunities that may present themselves. Because we think they have a story to tell and we want to spread awareness, Stacy and I opened an account.

They are a year and a half old, walking, and have two unique personalities, according to Stacy.

David is a spectator, whereas Daniel is more expressive. They are both incredibly curious. David is a picky eater, whereas Daniel enjoys trying new foods. Daniel is also very playful, whereas David picks his moments. “.

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