Bob Barker, a well-known game show host best known for hosting The Price Is Right, celebrated his 99th birthday on December 12.

With his companion, girlfriend Nancy Burnet, Barker has shared almost 40 years of his life. During his conversation with Fox News Digital, Burnet shared a few updates about Barker with his fans.

According to Burnet, who is expected to turn 99, he only takes one prescription medication for his thyroid. “.

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And his medical team or anyone who visits him will always request a list of his medications. I’ll say, “Well, let me just show you the bottle,” you know. “.

Burnet continues by stating that despite being 99 years old, Barker is “in extremely good health for his age and his humor is still in good shape. His life has been incredibly fortunate. “.

Burnet stated that she and Barker would celebrate the beginning of a new solar year with cake at their house in a “very simple and quiet” manner.

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Burnet said that Barker’s decision to become vegan at her request nearly 20 years ago was the reason for his excellent health. She clarified that it was intended to supplement meals rather than replace them. Considering that he wasn’t feeling well, he needed to take that in addition to his meals. “.

After a 50-year career as a presenter, 35 of which were spent as The Price Is Right’s host, Barker announced his retirement in 2007. Four Emmy Awards as the show’s executive producer and 14 Daytime Emmy Awards total.

Burnet claims that Barker still has pleasant memories of his time as a host. She even thinks that’s the reason he’s been so successful.

He was never tired of it. He was always prepared and willing to do it, which may be why it was so successful. “.

Cheers to many more Bob Barker birthdays!