Everyone was taken aback by Bob Saget’s death. Many people adored him.

Bob had three daughters with whom he was very close. He stated in an interview that he is very proud of his girls and enjoys watching them grow up.

Aubrey Saget shared the final message she received from her father before he passed away.

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Being the child of a famous actor can be challenging since you frequently don’t have time for yourself, but Bob has attempted to strike a balance between business and personal life.

In the sitcom Full House, he played a widowed father who formed tight bonds with his children, including Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

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On May 1, 2004, actors Mary-Kate Olsen, Bob Saget, and Ashley Olsen attended the Los Angeles premiere of the Warner Brothers film “New York Minute” at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California.

When they learned of Bob’s death, everyone left notes about him since he managed to touch everyone’s heart.

According to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen:

“Bob was the most loving, sensitive, and generous man I ever met. We are profoundly heartbroken that he is no longer with us, but we know that he will remain by our side, gently guiding us as he always has. We express our sympathies to his daughters, wife, and family.”

Bob has stated that the twins have become like his daughters, and he maintains contact with them. He also said that he visits them whenever he visits New York.

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Ashley Olsen, Bob Saget, and Mary-Kate Olsen at Caroline’s on Broadway during Bob Saget’s Present Cool Comedy – Hot Cuisine Benefiting the Scleroderma Research Foundation in New York City, New York, United States.

Bob has always expressed his delight at the bonds formed between him and the other actors in the series. Bob’s daughters were occasionally envious. Even Bob felt like he was “betraying” his girls at times, but he attempted to spend as much time as possible with them to build beautiful memories.

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On September 19, 1995, Bob Saget and their ex-wife Sherri Kramer attended the ‘Steal Big-Steal Little’ premiere at Mann National Theater in Westwood, California.

When Bob returned home, his kids would tell him that they could tell he had spent time with other youngsters, which upset him emotionally because he didn’t want to injure his children in any way.

He had two marriages. His first wife, Sherri Kramer, had three kids with him: Aubrey Saget (1987), Lara Melanie Saget (1989), and Jennifer Belle Saget (1991). (1992).

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Sherri was injected with the epidural in the wrong area, making Aubrey’s birth difficult. Instead, the medication was absorbed directly into Sherri’s bloodstream. This has the potential to be fatal. The nurse informed Bob that his wife was brain dead, and then Sherri miraculously revived.

Sherri and Aubrey were hospitalised for one week.

After 15 years of marriage, Bob and Sherri divorced, but they maintained a close connection with their daughters. He frequently expressed his love for his girls.

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Bob Saget and her daughter Aubrey Saget attend Bob Saget’s Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine hosted by the Scleroderma Research Foundation on April 25, 2019, in Beverly Hills, California.

Bob’s daughters are now mature ladies with their businesses. Aubrey holds a master’s degree from New York University and has won numerous awards for her works.

Lara is also a visual artist from Barnard College and Columbia University.

Jennifer has chosen to live a private life; hence no information about her career is available.

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Bob Saget and her daughter Lara Saget attended the 56th GRAMMY Awards on January 26, 2014, at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Aubrey decided to share the last message she received from her father on Instagram.

“Thank you so much. Love u. “It’s showtime!” Bob texted his daughter right before he died.

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Bob had just launched his brand new stand-up show, “I Don’t Do Negative”, and was very excited to go on tour to promote it.

Bob previously claimed that his three grown daughters were”the best individuals I knew”.

It’s a shame he didn’t spend more time with them. They will, however, remember their father and the beautiful times they shared.

Bob was a fantastic father who adored his children.

On June 15, 2005, Bob Saget and his daughters Lara, Aubrey, and Jennie arrived for the Golden Dads Awards celebration at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California.