I typically use bananas and eggs in the kitchen, but I’ve recently discovered that they can also be very useful in the garden. It may seem strange because these are foodstuffs, not gardening tools, and are intended for human consumption.

The truth is, though, that both bananas and eggs can do wonders for plants, and using them doesn’t require you to be a gifted gardener with a green thumb.

Many people believe that gardening is a time-consuming activity that requires a lot of skill. One needs to be aware of what each individual plant needs to grow and thrive, such as how much sunlight or water it needs.

Bury an egg and banana in your garden and boost your plants

I’ve been looking for easy tips that can assist me because gardening is not something I consider to be my strong suit.

According to Wikipedia Commons, this is one of those ruses. Millions of people have watched it on YouTube even though it only requires a pot, some eggs, and a lot of bananas. The trick, as you may imagine, revolves around effectively growing plants and seedlings, and there’s a reason why eggs and bananas can be used to great advantage. So what makes this gardening hack so popular?

Bury an egg and banana in your garden and boost your plants

Flickr user Ian Radic Eggshells are a more affordable option to fertilizers. As a result, you can use eggshells, which are abundant in calcium and other minerals and ideal for plant cultivation, to fertilize your plants instead of blowing all your money on expensive fertilizers. Even better results, it is said, can be obtained by using a whole egg. There are a number of substances released when the egg breaks down that stop soil root rot. However, as they rot, bananas also release a variety of nutrients. Potassium is one of the most essential nutrients for plants, and banana peels in particular are rich in this nutrient. By burying these foodstuffs alongside your plant in the soil, you can thus produce an efficient (and affordable! ), natural fertilizer.

Here’s what you need to do: Take a pot and fill it with about 2 inches of soil, according to Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) on YouTube. A raw egg, a banana, and more soil should be placed in the pot’s center. After that, place your chosen plant in the pot. The nutrients contained in the egg and banana will slowly be released into the soil as they decay, feeding the plant as it grows. Even better, you can use stale eggs and bananas that would otherwise be thrown out with this trick. By giving them a new purpose—assisting your plants in thriving and flourishing—you avoid simply tossing them in the trash.

Bury an egg and banana in your garden and boost your plants

The steps for using eggs and bananas as fertilizers to grow tomatoes are shown in the video below (or here). Brilliant, in my opinion!

I will definitely give this trick a shot. All-natural methods are a big plus for me, so I would much rather use eggs and bananas than fertilizers! Not to mention the big chunk of savings you are left with because of how cost-effective this hack is. Please spread the word if you know someone who would value this. It’s ideal, especially now that spring has arrived.

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