Tuesday’s performance by Carlos Santana ended abruptly.

When a group rushed to the stage at the Pine Knot Music Festival in Detroit to help a famous guitarist who appeared to be experiencing heat exhaustion, attendees were shocked and terrified. At 74 years old, the musician.

As pictures and videos of Santana seeking medical attention spread online, the audience grew more alarmed and worried.

It allegedly occurred about 20 minutes into his performance.

Onstage, Carlos Santana has just “passed out.”.

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“Medical professionals may now enter the audience. He had a “serious medical concern, and the crowd demanded that he be attended to. “.

The music abruptly stopped while Santana was still singing “Joy,” according to concertgoers surveyed by The Detroit News.

After some aimless playing and walking, he eventually passed out.

Variety claims a dark sheet covered his face when the musician was transported to a nearby emergency hospital.

According to a statement issued by the rock musician on Tuesday night, Carlos Santana was “overtaken by heat exhaustion and dehydration while performing at a performance in Michigan.”.

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What’s the situation with Santana right now?

He is reportedly “under observation and doing well,” according to his team. “.

Santana used text messages to interact with his fans and express his gratitude for their “sweet prayers. “.

He said he passed out from dehydration because he hadn’t eaten or drunk before the performance.

In December 2021, Carlos Santana announced that he required urgent cardiac surgery, forcing him to postpone a tour scheduled for the following year.

He explained to his audience that his wife had brought him to the emergency room a month earlier due to “something happening in his chest.”. “.

Despite this, he had already had to postpone seven engagements before the occasion, but he intended to return to the stage at the beginning of 2022.

Santana promised his fans at the time, “I’m going to take a little time off to make sure that I refuel, rest, and catch up with my health so that when I play for you, I will play the way I’m used to and give you 150 per cent.

The legendary performer was forced to postpone his February 2022 concerts in Las Vegas after multiple band members tested positive for COVID-19.