She shares two children, Isaiah Michael, age 8, and Jacob Ryan, age 4, with her husband, Mike Fisher.

Happy birthday wishes from Carrie Underwood’s two sons.

In honour of her 40th birthday, the “Denim and Rhinestones” singer received two letters from her sons, which she shared two adorable pictures on her Instagram Story on Friday.

In her opening post, Underwood included the phrase “Something Jake admires about me,” three heart emojis, and a picture of her son Jacob Ryan’s note.

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The affectionately themed “Things I adore about Mama” paper included things like “When she kisses me,” “How much she loves me,” “She’s gorgeous,” “Her snuggles,” and “When she dresses up.”. “.

On the next slide, Underwood included a picture of her son Isaiah Michael’s letter from age eight on the next slide and the words “4 Things Isaiah loves about me.”. I adore my mother’s cuddles, kisses, singing, and, most importantly, her love, wrote Underwood’s eldest son in a note that appeared to be a poem.

Underwood shared other images on her Instagram Story, including one of a birthday cake tower that was “completely made of cheese wheels” and had a line of wines “beginning in 1983” behind it. She smirked and said, “I felt understood. “.

The mother of two shared a selfie with the cake, topped with a “Happy Birthday” message and additional decorations like green grapes, figs, and flowers on the cheese wheels.

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Underwood celebrated her birthday earlier by tweeting a picture of an omelette, raspberries, and bread on a plate. She captioned the photo, saying, “Breakfast in bed.”.

Soon after, her husband, Mike Fisher, posted a heartfelt birthday message to the singer on Instagram.

Fisher, 42, wrote on Instagram, alongside a picture of Underwood holding her five-tier birthday cake, “Happy birthday, sweetie!! The guys and I adore you!!! Happy birthday.

Underwood pleasantly surprised her audience for her birthday with a brand-new song called “Out of That Vehicle”.

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She wrote on Instagram, “Had some fun in the studio recently and wanted to share the song “.

In a behind-the-scenes video of the song’s recording session that she posted, Underwood spoke about the song’s inspiration.

She added that some of those physical marks include “nail polish on the tailgate” and “dings on the door” and that it was like having a memory, a nostalgic kind of song, where you kind of can’t get over someone; it’s because of all the physical marks, being the truck. “.