Catherine Zeta-Jones is very well-liked for a variety of reasons. Her acting career has been amazing and astonishingly enduring. She has decided to disclose certain details at the age of 53.

Many people who have only seen Catherine Zeta-Jones in films might be surprised to learn that she was born and raised in Swansea, Wales. She began dancing at a young age and quickly realized she liked receiving compliments.

While Catherine’s mother immediately acknowledged her beauty, she found it challenging to see herself through her mother’s eyes.

Zeta-Jones frequently mentions her mother’s advice to “make the best of [herself]” because she did not feel beautiful, and how that gave her the confidence she still possesses today.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s selfie without makeup proves what we already knew.

She learned to respect the bravery of women who allowed themselves to be the target of that kind of criticism as she grew older. When she was younger, she did not comprehend how female contestants could compete knowing they would be harshly judged.

Her professional career got off to a good start. She moved to London at the age of 15 after quitting her Welsh school to start a career in acting. She received her first important part just two years later.

She received a part in the revival of the musical “42nd Street” in London’s West End. ” She could take the stage and steal the show because the lead and their backup had to cancel.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s selfie without makeup proves what we already knew.

That marked the start of her successful career, which propelled her to Hollywood. Working in Hollywood is where she met Michael Douglas, the love of her life. However, when they first met, it wasn’t love at first sight.

Douglas initially held no appeal for her. Douglas was interested and asked Douglas’ PR to arrange a meeting with Zeta-Jones. They agreed to meet up for drinks. After a few drinks with Zeta-Jones, Douglas promised that one day he would be the father of her children.

“You know I’ve heard a lot about you, and I’ve seen a lot about you, and I think it’s time that I say ‘Goodnight,'” she said, sounding less than amused.

The following day, Douglas sent the attractive actress flowers and an apology because he felt like he had ruined his chance. The two were able to coexist despite their disparate ages and demanding work schedules because his apology persuaded her to give him another chance.

In order to keep his word, Douglas was able to have a family with Zeta-Jones. The couple had a child in 2000 in addition to getting married. Even though the wedding was only supposed to last until evening, the festivities went on until early the next morning.

Their daughter Carys was born three years later. Their little family had grown to full size. The couple was certain about one thing: they didn’t want to raise their children in Hollywood.

They made the choice to relocate to Bermuda, where they raised their children for 12 years.
They may have come back because of the Bermudan heritage of Douglas’ mother.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s selfie without makeup proves what we already knew.

The fact that Zeta-Jones is 53 years old is not hidden from the public. She is content to show off all of her laugh lines and crow’s feet because she isn’t worried about slowing down the signs of aging.

The woman admitted, “I have insecurities like every other woman, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more confident in how I appear.”.

With each passing year, the actress has become more at ease with her appearance. Although she doesn’t mind when people make fun of the way she looks, she also won’t put up with being treated like a doormat.

She said of her life, “My dreams have come true, and everything else is now a bonus for me. ”.

She frequently receives criticism for her appearance and age on her Instagram posts, but she just ignores them and keeps living her life as she pleases!

While she enjoys keeping herself in shape, the actress is also happy to be herself in front of the camera. She talked about using a hula hoop, a treadmill, and an elliptical to exercise different muscle groups.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s selfie without makeup proves what we already knew.

She does, however, like to eat chocolate, especially English Cadbury chocolate. Although she prefers healthy food, she occasionally treats herself to something sweet.

In February 2023, the Hollywood actress once again proved her stability.

During a trip to London, she didn’t give using public transportation a second thought. Although you might have assumed Zeta-Jones would take a taxi or hire a private driver while visiting the British capital, the actress didn’t hesitate to use the metro.

I think she was just trying to be herself and go about her daily business; she avoided rush hour but dressed modestly.

She is a timeless beauty, as evidenced by her selfie without a speck of makeup, and still looks stunning even at her age.

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