Chris Young’s music almost didn’t exist, but doctors saved his life.

The singer of “Famous Friends” spoke about his near-death experience during a recent Sirius XM interview. In case you missed it, Young had a leg infection in 2013 and needed to be hospitalised.

He explained, “I had a small wound on my leg that grew infected, and I didn’t know it was infected. Young claimed he had “vision troubles” and “didn’t feel great” when he first awoke. He did have a performance later that day, though.

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“Even though we were flying to a remote location, I still got on the plane because I told myself that I would miss the show if I didn’t make the trip. I went into septic shock mid-flight and started to feel the worst I’d ever felt”.

They took me to the hospital quickly. They rushed me to the intensive care unit and told me that they would have to operate on me, but they would wait until tomorrow”.

But according to Young, he was in serious trouble once doctors examined his blood work. Doctors believed that his organ was about to fail because his blood pressure was so low.

Young also alleges that a doctor told him something frightful before his procedure. As doctors prepared Young for surgery, she gave him something he’d never forget.

“Say your prayers to whichever God you believe in just in case you don’t wake up”.

Chris Young, however, would experience other close calls to death. At the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas in 2017, the Tennessee native was involved in another terrible incident. During the festival, a shooter opened fire on the crowd from a nearby hotel, killing 58 people. Fortunately, Young was backstage during the shoot.

At the time, he said, “It was pretty frightening.”. “You know, I told my mother and sister that I was in Las Vegas in the middle of the night. “Everything’s fine. It was a reminder to always express your love to the people you care about”.