The Dead to Me actress said that as she battles the effects of her illness, the SAG Awards would probably be the presentation of her final award as an actor. The actress was diagnosed with MS in 2021. When Christina Applegate attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards, she had a special message for her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Sadie Grace LeNoble, 12, and the actress walked the red carpet together at the performance.

The 51-year-old opted for a floor-length velvet tuxedo gown and added a cane as an accessory to account for the balance issues the illness can cause. The cane had the letters “FU MS” engraved on it.

Christina Applegate Uses a Cane with the Letters ‘FU MS’ at the SAG Awards in Support of Her Multiple Sclerosis Struggle

Applegate, who was given an MS diagnosis in 2021, stated earlier this month that she expected to miss the SAG Awards as she deals with the disease’s effects. It’s a big deal because it’s probably my last awards show as an actor, she said. I couldn’t imagine getting up at five in the morning right now. m. I don’t have the energy to spend 12 to 14 hours working on a set. “.

The actress received an MS. diagnosis while filming the third season of the Netflix dramedy Dead to Me. She revealed to the magazine that she patiently awaited the performance’s release before watching it. I don’t like seeing myself hurt,” she remarked. Due to drug use and inactivity, I also put on 40 pounds, and I no longer felt or looked like myself. “.

The actress watched the performance when she finally got around to it, alone and she had to stop whenever it got too uncomfortable.

Christina Applegate Uses a Cane with the Letters ‘FU MS’ at the SAG Awards in Support of Her Multiple Sclerosis Struggle

At some point, Applegate continued, “I was able to separate myself from my ego and see what a magnificent piece of television that was. “Anything I wasn’t in was so much fun to watch and firsthand experience. She made a virtual appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show in December, where she claimed that she uses her acting career as a distraction from her personal problems. Applegate said at the time that she acted to escape from dealing with past breakups, trauma, deaths, and breast cancer. “I’ve probably been going through loss and trauma my entire life, and acting was where I could go away from it all, you know?” she said.

She told Clarkson that after receiving her MS diagnosis, working every day gave her the freedom to cry for the first time. She then infused these feelings into her character. “The beauty of Dead to Me is that it allowed me this strange platform to deal with it, where I didn’t have to be on all the time and make all the jokes, and I could fall apart in a moment,” Applegate said about the show. “And, you know, it was me. Unfortunately, it was my soul breaking down in front of the world, but it was cathartic in a lovely way. “.