Chuck Norris, 81, is not only Gena Norris’s husband but also his closest friend, confidant, and most ardent supporter.

After an awful accident that profoundly transformed their life, the respected actor made a commitment few in his business would make: he gave up his Hollywood career to be with his love.
The actor and his wife have been happily married for over 20 years and have two daughters. Chuck Norris showed tremendous devotion by committing his life to his wife. In 2013, they would be dealt a deadly blow by fate.
Chuck decided to put everything else on wait and focus only on caring for Gena Norris after an MRI caused her to become dangerously ill. Due to their undying love, the actor, his partner’s primary carer, has opted to fight for her in court.




The “Texas Ranger” actor described how his family’s life was devastated after his wife received a routine injection before getting an MRI for rheumatoid arthritis in 2013. Renal issues and excruciating neuralgia were among the severe side effects.
Chuck Norris alleges that an MRI harmed his wife’s health precisely due to intoxication from the contrast material used in the operation. During any operation54-year-old woman told the following tale of what transpired that day:

“A few hours after the injection, I felt as though acid had gone through my veins. The scorching feeling was initially confined, but it progressively spread. I was in excruciating pain. I had major kidney problems that required five months in the hospital and continuing medical care. Chuck asked me to stay alive so that we could raise our children while dozing next to me on the hospital couch.”
“I resigned my job to spend more time with Gena. Right now, my only goal is to save my wife. Nothing is more essential to me, thus I’ve never regretted my decision,” the actor stated in 2017.

The therapy they received was costly.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris and his wife reportedly spent more than $ 2 million on treatment. The predicament was exacerbated by medical personnel waiting a long time to determine Chuck Norris’ wife’s condition.

The medical personnel conducted tests and laboratory analyses to confirm their suspicions that the patient had a malignant illness. According to one version of the story, her symptoms were later linked to Parkinson’s disease.
She received counselling after treatment, but none of them was helpful. The actor and his wife then attempted to figure out what was causing the symptoms.

According to their findings, gadolinium, a heavy metal component of the contrast agent used before an MRI, was revealed to be the main contributor to the sickness. Following that, they got certified evidence of gadolinium toxicity from several Nevada experts.

Chuck couple

“The outcome was ludicrous and unjust. “I had a wonderful life and was in excellent health until I became ill.” I was frequently exercising and eating well when it all went wrong. “I’m fighting for my life in tremendous physical anguish.”
Chuck Norris resolved to atone for his transgression by determining what happened to his wife and, more importantly, who was to blame. The well-known actress claimed that the chemicals used in MRI equipment caused Gena’s illness and sued various medical corporations, including the Italian conglomerate Bracco.

In 2017, the family sued the firms for more than $10 million, claiming they should have alerted patients about potential risks and problems.
“What happened to Gena is unchangeable. We’ve been fighting together for a few years now, and we now want to prevent this from occurring to other victims.”

In January 2020, the two couples resolved to abandon the action against Bracco. The case was settled out of court, according to, with each side agreeing to fund its expenses.