Still, his staunchest ally is Chuck’s mother, who turns 101 this year.

As a master of martial arts, a belt-holder, and a talented actor, Chuck Norris became well-known in the 1970s. But his most significant accomplishments have been as a devoted father and a grateful husband.

The great actor never hesitates to praise Wilma Norris, who gave him life. He compliments his mother for being a pillar in the family and raising him and his two brothers alone.

The actor gave his mother a heartfelt tribute on Mother’s Day the year before. He also mentioned his wife, Gena, to emphasise the significance of both women in his life. He said, “I will always be grateful to God for these two incredible women’s influence in my life. “.

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It’s important to note that the Mother’s Day wish was merely the cherry on top. Chuck paid his mother, who turned 100 on the same day, a heartfelt and grateful tribute. I love you, Mom, he exclaimed. “Let’s toast to the next 100 years!”.

Chuck had previously mentioned his mother’s devotion to prayer. Both his family’s future and his professional future were in Wilma’s prayers. According to Chuck, she even prayed for me to meet a woman who would transform my life, and it was successful. “.

Wilma, regrettably, never had it easy. Her three sons’ fathers abandoned them when they were young, and she had to raise them all alone because she was born into extreme poverty.

But she made sure that each of her sons lived happy lives. The mother of three taught her children fundamental virtues in addition to praying for them. She instilled in her sons the notion that no issue is impossible while she was raising them.

As evidenced by his success as a highly skilled martial artist and a significant player in Hollywood, Chuck’s convictions had a considerable impact.

The famous person took care of his family as well. He didn’t travel for fame or fortune. In 1998, he wed Gena, and in 2001, they welcomed a child.

Five years after first displaying arthritis symptoms, she was due for an MRI. She needed nursing care round-the-clock to recover due to her reaction to the treatment.

Chuck entered the situation directly. He acknowledged, “Right now, keeping her alive is all I care about.

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The family grew closer as a result of this experience. Instead of pursuing a career because his family will always come first, Chuck became consumed with love for them.

As Wilma turns 101, Chuck celebrates.

Despite being a family man, Chuck is seen to respect his mother and is willing to do so whenever possible.

Chuck frequently speaks of his love and admiration for his mother, highlighting her importance to his fathering and acting careers.

The Norris family’s remarkable history was celebrated in a public post that her 82-year-old son shared on his mother’s 101st birthday in May 2022. He uploaded a picture of the celebrant wearing a yellow top with a high neck and some brown sunglasses. The image’s caption read:

There aren’t enough words to express my love and gratitude for you, Mom, who is turning 101 today. Since God has blessed us with so many years together as a family, we appreciate everything you’ve done for us. “.

He has never been embarrassed to express his affection for his mother. Chuck has repeatedly thanked her and emphasised how she prayed for him since he was a baby.

I almost died as a result of birth complications, he claimed. She was back at home praying for my prosperity and salvation a few decades ago when I was on the verge of losing my soul to Hollywood. “.

Wilma did not have a pleasant childhood. She was raised in a tiny Oklahoman town. She was designated as a state child at eight due to extreme poverty.

A young child named Wilma underwent various treatments for her strange illness for two years in a children’s hospital. As she grew older, the Oklahoma native started a family, giving birth to Chuck, the oldest of three children. Their father, Ray, was in the military and had drinking issues when he returned home with a missing limb.

He couldn’t keep up a career because of his drinking issue. Sadly, Ray’s employers did not believe in him, so he could not support his family.

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After some consideration, Wilma took the boys to her mother’s house in Wilson, Oklahoma. Chuck and his siblings were brought up there.

Even though it was challenging to raise a family during the Great Depression, Wilma was successful because she never gave up on her loved ones or her beliefs. The actor has previously told his followers how upbeat his mother is, saying she has displayed unfathomable faith and tenacity. The loss of loved ones and several health issues didn’t deter Wilma from maintaining her composure. He made a joke:

Mom’s entire life has served as a testament to tenacity and faith. In addition to losing my younger brother Wieland in the Vietnam War, she also had to deal with losing two husbands, a stepson, two grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. She has undergone at least 30 surgeries for various problems and multiple battles with cancer, but she is still here to share her story. “

Without a doubt, Wilma is eager to impart her knowledge and her experiences to the next generation.

Wilma spoke candidly about Chuck’s quick maturation to set a better example for his kids during a heart-to-heart interview with Mike Huckabee on his show in 2012.

She acknowledged that she regularly brought her children to church and that they always observed prayer time when she was asked about her parenting techniques. The centenarian emphasised the significance of her spiritual life.

Give them lots of love, and she advised prospective parents. Take them to Sunday worship and church. But as you can see, God did not give us children. Only temporarily did he lend them to us. “.

Chuck frequently talks about his mother, emphasising her importance to his fathering and acting careers. She did instil values that neither time nor money nor family could ever take away.