Colt Ford had previously spoken in the media about his battle with cancer. When he noticed a lesion on his eye in March that had continued to grow, he told his supporters in April that he had been diagnosed with cancer.

Colt recalls the doctor telling him, “This ain’t good” and “You gotta get this out” when he visited a cataract specialist in Georgia. “They wanted me to see a cornea specialist, so I became very anxious”.

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Although Colt underwent surgery, he claims that full chemo was still “a week to ten days away.”. Instead, he will need to “monitor” it by putting chemo drops in his eye.

The diagnosis did cause him to change his perspective. I could have killed myself numerous times for all the stupid things I’ve done, he continues, “and this is what’s going to kill me?”. “I know that God never gives you more than you can handle, but the Lord may have more faith in me than I thought”.

Colt admits that the epidemic was challenging for him and that he needed drugs to get by. However, he is now in a better place, and a new song by him called “When Country Comes Again” will soon have a music video.