Tom Cruise is the biggest movie star and a devoted father. We know Tom Cruise’s interactions with his son Connor, daughters Isabella and Suri, and other family members.

Tom Cruise has remained one of Hollywood’s top box office draws since his breakthrough performance in “Risky Business” in 1983.

Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, and Mimi Rogers are the three well-known wives of the actor.

His teenage daughter, one of his three kids, was last seen with him in 2012. He also has two other kids.

Despite being a well-known actor, Tom Cruise’s prominent role is that of a father. Connor Cruise and Isabella “Bella” Cruise are the two adopted children of Top Gun actor and Academy Award–winning actress Nicole Kidman, who has been married three times. In addition, he and his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, have a biological daughter named Suri.

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The well-known actor Tom leads a very private life. Except for the occasional red carpet appearance when a new movie is released, the actor is infrequently pictured with his kids or in other situations.

But he knows all three of them. Continue reading to learn more about Tom’s relationship with his son and two children.

During their ten-year marriage in the 1990s, Tom and Nicole adopted Connor and Isabella. Following in her father’s footsteps, Isabella, who was born on December 22, 1992, decided to live a life hidden from the public eye.

On August 25, however, she posted a selfie on Instagram as a welcome return, and her followers went wild. Since it had been four months since her last online self-portrait, her fans were ecstatic to see her post a fresh one.

“Bella Kidman Cruise,” a business owned by the London-based artist, offers phone cases, totes, and other accessories. Bella tied the knot with IT professional Max Parker in a low-key ceremony in London in September 2015.

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Her relationship with her parents raised questions in light of Bella and Max’s absence. Nevertheless, this was later shown to be untrue.

We communicate naturally because they are my parents. Lies are told by those who assert otherwise. March 2016, Isabella spoke with the Daily Mail.

Max acknowledged that it had been challenging to forgo having Tom walk Isabella down the aisle to give her away. Everything real is real.

Along with her mother, whose last name appears in her business name, Isabella enjoys spending time with her. She is also close to her brother Connor, as evidenced by several social media posts.

It was unusual for these private kids for Isabella and Conor to share selfies on the same day in July 2021. There was a minor uproar as a result. During England’s Euro Championship game against Denmark, Bella took a selfie.

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“My physical changes over time. Fingers crossed,” she wrote as the photo’s caption. Because England triumphed, it was a success.

Bella used a black-and-white selfie earlier this year to promote prints in her shop. Fans claim that an image Isabella shared in September 2021 showed her looking beautiful.

Like his sister, Connor, born on January 17, 1995, favours a private life. He has, however, previously drawn a lot of interest. In two movies, Red Dawn: Reborn (2012) and Seven Pounds (2008), Connor briefly followed in his parent’s footsteps.

But as can be seen from his Instagram feed, the popular DJ eventually gave in to his passion for deep-sea fishing and is now frequently spotted in Clearwater, Florida. Connor and his sister have a very close relationship, as shown by a charming Instagram snapshot he shared in August 2019.

Connor and his father were last seen together in October of 2019. They must be very close because of this. To teach Connor “some aviation principles,” Tom reportedly took him on a helicopter ride over London. The actor and his son became close because of the actor’s passion for helicopters.

Connor tweeted a black-and-white image of Isabella and himself as infants in Tom’s arms in 2012.

2021 was very busy for Conor. While fishing in Costa Rica in February, Conor displayed a catch that was almost as large as himself. He captioned the image, “Yellowfin were munching today.

When he and his friend Kim Joyce started the @conorsmeatshack Instagram account in March of that year, he was dubbed an “influencer”. Conor’s love of cooking was highlighted in the BBQ-themed account, and the man is skilled with a “rolling cap of ribeye and some lobster tails,” as he put it.

Connor decided to shave his hair when summertime arrived. “New face, who dis?” was the caption he used for an Instagram story on June 8.

In August 2022, Conor showed off the enormous fish he and his friends had caught while fishing.

Although I am happy that the fish could assist others, I am aware that it was difficult to transport it in the truck, the author wrote. Fishing, grilling, and outside making Conor happy in his life.

After divorcing Nicole in 2001, Tom wed Katie Holmes the following year. On April 18 of the same year, Suri, their lone biological child, was born.

On the Vanity Fair cover in October 2006, Suri made her magazine debut alongside her married parents. The family was captured smiling and holding hands in the following photo shoot.

The trio’s story did not, regrettably, end happily ever after. After Tom and Katie got divorced in 2012, the actor hardly ever appeared with their child. Surprisingly, on January 25, 2012, one of their final photographs was taken at Disneyland.

According to numerous insiders who spoke with HollywoodLife, the relationship between Tom and Suri is strained.

He still loves her, despite how challenging things have become for him and his child, a source told us in April 2019. When Tom and Katie made the decision to have children, he never intended for them to be apart.

Tom wants to one day mend their bond, the source claims. Tom and Katie have never spoken openly about being estranged from Suri. It’s also unclear when the actor and his now-teenaged daughter last spoke. Suri attends school and resides in New York City with her mother.

Suri has managed to keep a good relationship with her mother despite her ongoing conflict with Tom. On the streets of New York City, Suri and Katie are frequently spotted together.

In 2021, Suri, then 15 years old, started venturing out on her own. Suri doesn’t seem to have an Instagram account, despite her newly discovered adolescent independence.