Examining the potential cosmetic procedures used on famous women (and, you know, women in general) is a recurrently contentious subject. After growing weary of the media’s obsession with her alleged blepharoplasty, Renée Zellweger published an opinion piece in 2016 criticising the procedure. Another seasoned actor from Hollywood, Courteney Cox, is all too familiar with the problem.

The “Scream 6” star said that the pressures of fame and a woman choosing to have surgery were even more alluring to Grylls on a 2016 episode of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.”.

Cox said of her earlier aesthetic changes, “Growing older has not been easy… It’s not the simplest task. “I was chasing that, trying to keep up with getting older. That is something you need help to keep up with. ” Cox also told Grylls that “people can be harsh on social media” regarding conspicuous jobs.

For instance, a user asked, “What’s up with your lips?” under an Instagram video of Cox experimenting with BFF Jennifer Aniston’s haircare items.

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Cox claimed to be “as natural as I can be… I feel better because I look like myself” after having her fillers removed in 2017 in an interview with New Beauty. The former “Friends” star recently investigated her self-image before and following the filler reversal.

For a long time, Courteney Cox could not see how she appeared.

More information about Courteney Cox’s earlier anti-ageing injectable procedures has come to light. In an interview with “Gloss LA” podcast hosts Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan Christensen on March 7, Cox referred to the process of getting cosmetically improved as a “domino effect.”.

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“You don’t notice you look a little weird,” the actor continued, “but you keep doing more because you appear normal. Cox concluded that what she sees in the mirror and what she perceives from the outside may be two different things.

The “Cougar Town” alum has realised she is much younger than she used to think. “Thank God for removable fillers,” she commented of hers.

“Believing I was getting older while I was relatively young is a sadness and a waste of time. ” When she sees “photos of me when I thought I was okay,” Cox says she “can’t believe it. ”.

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Cox first addressed her appearance after overdoing it on fillers in the Sunday Times Style magazine in February 2022. Cox stated that she was now in touch with her age “‘Well, I’m changing,’ you’d say. ‘I’m getting older. ’ “She continued to declare that she had chased youth for far too long. “I didn’t understand that, well s***. I’m looking pretty weird with injections and doing stuff to my face that I would never do now,” Cox explained. ”.