After receiving a diagnosis of the inflammatory condition retroperitoneal fibrosis, Paul Hogan, 83, spoke out about his failing health.

After struggling with muscle and extreme weight loss, the actor, who appeared frail, told Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and David Koch that he is regaining his vigour.

In an interview, he claimed, “I had a kidney complaint, but the treatment was worse than the ailment, and it sort of faded me.

However, he added, “I’ve regained my strength.

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“I can eat whatever I want, and I can’t put it back on,” Hogan continued, “but I’m strong again. He also asserts that he has “zero body fat. “.

Hogan recently acknowledged that he wants to live out the rest of his days in Australia after his debilitating illness destroyed his health and made him unable to complete simple tasks independently.

He acknowledged to the host of A Current Affair Tracy Grimshaw that the detrimental effect on his health has caused him to want to leave Los Angeles and go back to the comparatively calm of his home country.

After being identified as having the rare disease retroperitoneal fibrosis, which results in inflammation and significant scar tissue in the abdominal cavity, he claimed that he had experienced muscle atrophy and severe weight loss.

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His abdominal aorta was encircled by a benign tumour, which was also pressing on a kidney.

“I guess I’ve gotten better. I had a problem with my kidney’s aorta, and the procedure fixed it, but it made me smaller,’ he said.

I just… It made me weak; I lost all my body fat, my muscles shrivelled, and my strength never returned. I ask Chance to help me open jars. “.

He continued, “Many diet-conscious friends hate me because I eat everything greasy you can think of. “Everything they aren’t permitted to possess. No weight is being added to me. “.

The actor needed corticosteroids to shrink a benign growth, but he now needs to regain his strength because the medical condition significantly altered the shape of his body.

The illness, according to Hogan, was more severe than the steroid therapy.

Hogan claims that although the drugs are meant to make you gain weight by reducing your muscle mass, they made me lose weight. “.

I’m trying to put on weight because I feel the cold too much when I have little body fat.

Currently wearing a pacemaker, Hogan says he is “held together by the string” as he fights to regain his health.

The Golden Globe winner said he was fortunate to have stayed healthy for so long and that he “kept” his fitness until he was 79 years old.