No one showed more concern and support for Al Roker when he was hospitalised late last year than his wife, Deborah Roberts.

The beloved weatherman missed Today, which he has been a part of for almost thirty years, and was in and out of the hospital from late November until January 6th, 2023, due to a life-threatening health crisis brought on by blood clots in his lungs last year.

He is back Today and in good health, except for his upcoming knee replacement surgery, but his wife of 27 years can’t help but notice that they are still reeling from the traumatic event.

At the premiere of Brooke Shields’ documentary, Beautiful Baby, Deborah, an ABC News news anchor, discussed her role as her husband’s caregiver in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

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Being a caretaker is “extremely draining, exhausting, terrifying, all of those things,” she said. “I believe many people don’t realise – and I never realised”.

The journalist stated, “I never had to go through anything like this, and I pray I never have to”.

She continued that moving past the dark time has been challenging, adding, “But it’s terrible,” even though Al is in much better shape. Even now, I’m worn out. I still feel mentally worn out”.

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But you know what, she continued, “I’m glad and just trying to celebrate right now and be happy that he’s okay and we’re all okay.

Fortunately for Deborah, in addition to the fact that Al is “back to driving me insane,” she also has a lovely support network. When asked how she survived the health scare that her husband experienced, she replied, “I would say that my faith and spirituality helped me through it. “.

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“My family and coworkers supported me as I struggled through it. When I thought I couldn’t go on, colleagues, many of whom are now present, motivated me. It all changed because people were there texting, emailing, and making phone calls”.