Police officer is responsible for protecting their community’s residents, including wildlife.

This is what a touching image of a sheriff’s deputy who went above and beyond the call of duty to comfort a hurt dog depicts.

A dog had been hit by a car in a collision in December 2018 when deputy Josh Fiorelli from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office in Florida arrived.

He was the only person standing by the dog. The dog was injured and lying on the cold ground when he called animal control, but while he waited, he felt compelled to take extra special care of her.

“The weather was icy. According to Fiorelli to WFTV, she was wet. “I chose to be that person because she didn’t have anyone else there. “.

The dog was comforted by him by being wrapped in a coat. The dog thanked him for his generosity.

“I know a lot of dogs become defensive when they get hurt,” the deputy said. She showed no signs of being defensive. I tried to pet and look after her, and she accepted my efforts. “.

Fiorelli didn’t do it to gain fame or attention; it was just a simple act of kindness. However, when a passerby snapped a photo of the touching scene, Fiorelli was heralded as a hero.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office wrote, “Thank you Deputy Fiorelli for serving with care and compassion.”.

One remarked, “It takes a particular person to be so compassionate to comfort this injured dog.

Despite having a dislocated leg, the dog was thought to recover fully. The dog’s surgery was scheduled after she was taken to the Osceola County Animal Shelter.

The shelter held onto her while they awaited her claim because she was unmicrochipped. Whether the dog was ever claimed or offered for adoption is unknown.

But what matters most is that a kind person supported her at a crucial time.

Keep an eye on them, Fiorelli advises, hoping his new friend will be adopted and microchipped. They may only be a small portion of your life, but you are everything about them, he told WFTV.

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