One of the worst reputations among dog breeds belongs to pit bulls.

They are frequently mischaracterized as violent, dangerous, and time bombs that could explode at any second.

But these are labels that prejudiced people have used. These same people would remember a pit bull’s enormous heart if they ever had the chance to meet one.

Most of the time, pit bulls are kind, devoted, and loving dogs.

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Unless you believe me, keep reading.

Pitbull Lara’s abandoned remains were found near the Greek port of Nafplion.

Without providing Lara with food or water, her owner left the dog tethered to a tree in the middle of nowhere.

Lara was left all by herself, terrified of what lay ahead.

Even worse, the locals feared approaching Lara because of her breed, even though they knew she was chained to a tree in the woods.

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How long the poor dog had been chained to the tree was unknown.

Lara was pregnant, which continues the story.

She gave birth to four adorable puppies while stranded in the wilderness, terrified and powerless.

Despite having insufficient food, Lara could care for her puppies for ten agonizingly long days until her rescuers found her.

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Lara was reported to an animal welfare group even though nobody in the hamlet wanted to adopt or care for her. The organization discovered a chained dog in the woods that was in trouble.

Lara was an emaciated and severely dehydrated dog when rescuers arrived on the scene and came across her.

They were even more shocked when they saw her babies playfully leaping around.

While tethered to a tree, Lara had done a great job of watching over, protecting, and feeding the group. Think about the maternal instinct.

The five puppies had fought valiantly for these ten days despite the mother’s best efforts, and the most miniature puppy had passed away.

But the other four puppies made it through because of their strong mother.

Lara and her puppies were eventually placed in a foster home by the crew, who had previously saved the dogs.

When Linda from The Orphan Pet stepped in to help Lara, she cared for the four puppies.

Despite being saved and having a happy life with Linda, Lara had grown wary of her new owner and had become timid. Also unwilling to eat was the terrified mother dog.

However, as time passed, Lara realized Linda was there to help her, and she started to unwind and feel more at home in her new place.

The family is doing well right now. Isn’t it wonderful that the story had a happy ending?

While any breed of dog has the potential to be a loving and devoted friend, Lara’s fortitude and loyalty are truly exceptional.

Please keep paying tribute to this courageous mother dog and the people who took the time to save her and her pups!