Even if you forget her name, you’ll remember her face. Mimi Bobeck, played by Kathy Kinney, tortured Drew as her clownish, giggling adversary.

Even if the show was cancelled, Mimi’s strong voice could always be heard on TNT. Kinney has been MIA since the final episode of The Drew Carey Show. How is her life going now that Mimi has left?

Since leaving The Drew Carey Show, Kinney has created her own lifestyle brand for women between the ages of 40 and 50. Although her target audience is broad, she has garnered a sizable following by casting a wide net.

She co-founded Queen of Your Own Life, a daily inspiration and musings blog and Facebook group, with her best friend, former marketing expert Cindy Ratzlaff. The Facebook page has 337 thousand of likes and is constantly growing, demonstrating how far Kinney and Mimi Bobeck are apart.

In February 2013, Kinney highlighted the online organisation on Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio, adding, “We have so many women following us.” “Saying hello there is a cheerful, delightful way for us to start the day.”


Kinney can play a motherly sweetness, despite Mimi Bobeck being the queen of harshness.

Mrs P’s Magic Library, books brought to life by Kinney’s character, Mrs P, was launched in 2008 by her and former Drew Carey Show producer Clay Graham.


The website was a resource for parents and educators and was created to encourage young children to enjoy reading. Kinney views it as a labour of love.

“We spend all of our own money on it,” she explained to the local press. “We’ve never advertised and have no plans to do so in the future. “All we wanted to do was share some of the joy that reading had afforded us as children.”

The Los Angeles Times praised “a nice change from practically any other video entertainment available to kids,” proving that her stories have an appreciative audience. The website sponsors competitions, collaborate with educational organisations and offers over a dozen extraordinary stories to stream, each read by Kinney in character.


Drew Carey left his self-titled show for “greener pastures” when he joined The Price was Right in 2007, but he couldn’t shake Mimi Bobeck’s grip.

Kinney played Mimi on April Fool’s Day in 2009 and 2010, much to the studio audience’s delight, and she appeared to have not aged a day. Drew’s opponent emerged as the show’s new executive producer on the CBS game show in 2010.

She stayed at the rear of the set for the rest of the show, participating in the activities and acting as Drew’s tormentor. Of course, she couldn’t take too much commotion.

The former Mimi Bobeck has generally disappeared from the entertainment world since the conclusion of The Drew Carey Show, but she has featured in a few minor roles in a few series throughout the years. She was most recently seen in an episode of ABC Family’s Baby Daddy from Season 5.

She previously played Bunny, the butcher shop manager, in 33 episodes of the network’s Secret Life of the American Teenager. She also appeared in My Name Is Earl as a Cops officer who comes to Earl’s house to investigate a domestic dispute. She portrayed Rhonda as a pretentious and annoying walrus.

Kinney, like everyone else in Drew Carey’s orbit, has spent time among Drew Carey’s band of actors doing improv comedy in the style of Whose Line Is It Anyway?


Drew’s show, which aired in the late 1990s and early 2000s, featured quick-witted performers and comedians competing in fast-paced games of improvisational comedy. Kinney joined Drew’s rotating cast for several live performances, TV appearances, and DVD appearances after Drew left the show.

He later brought his show to Las Vegas. While Kinney isn’t a natural improviser, she is eager to shed her Mimi character and demonstrate her adaptability to the public. Seeing her stretch her wings and travel beyond her most famous part is beautiful. “It’s so much fun!” she exclaims. “What an adventure.”


In an interview, Kinney said that when she sees her old TV acquaintances, it generally takes the shape of a parody of the sitcom and Carey’s follow-up comedy show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?

This comedy group still cares deeply about one another after nearly ten years. Kinney responded, “I do; we all live close to one another,” when asked if they still communicate.

“All we want to know is whether or not there will be a major musical number to open the show.”

After watching The Drew Carey Show, Kinney picked the pen over the contour brush. Kinney has written several books, frequently in collaboration with Cindy Ratzlaff, on the same motivating topic as her website, Queen of Your Own Life.

Your Own Life’s Grown-Up Queen is one of these books, Queenisms: 101 Jolts of Inspiration. She has created a small cottage industry by attempting to improve readers’ outlook on life. How potent is a positive thought?

Kinney and Ratzlaff decided to produce quote-a-day calendars that combined “vintage photographs with brief motivational words”. They were “intended to support you on the journey to self-discovery” as their blog, and Facebook page gained popularity.

The calendars are being promoted under the Queen of Your Life brand, which is rumoured to be the first stage in a broader marketing push.

All of these items include the QOYOL logo. If any other non-Queen family members complain about the meal, you can finally use this $ 10.99-pint glass to set the tone at the dinner table.


Kinney remembers her native state, even though she currently resides in California.

The actress visits Stevens Point, Wisconsin, every other year or so for humanitarian reasons.

“I’ll be there if they invite me back to do something charitable.”

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Kinney organised a charity event for the group by inviting Mrs P to Stevens Point for a free live performance and giving out free books to all the children in attendance. Not what you’d expect from the office’s cruellest tyrant.