Drew Barrymore stated why directors wouldn’t work with her, saying, “They just wrote me off as broken goods, and I sadly accepted it.”

She is a celebrity who has been open about her problems as a child star, but she was too young to realise the implications at the time.

But she overcame her heinous past to become even more powerful.

Barrymore was only seven when she received acclaim for her performance in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. However, because of her mother, Jaid, she started using drugs and alcohol when she was just 12 years old.

She would accompany her mother to Studio 54 instead of school as a child, leaving her alone with a large group of people while Jaid partied.


After being abandoned by her father when she was nine years old due to her parent’s divorce, the Never Been Kissed star became a raging drinker by the age of eleven.


She joined a rehab clinic at 12 after being addicted to cocaine and marijuana. The good times, however, were fleeting, and she relapsed, going even worse than before.


“That was probably the lowest I was when I was 13,” she admitted in an interview. She had to be institutionalised due to the seriousness of the problem. “My mum placed me in a psychiatric hospital,” Barrymore told the tabloid, adding, “Ah, boo! It did, however, provide amazing discipline.”

“It was horrible, dismal, and lasted a year and a half, but I needed it,” she added. It was like a cross between boot camp and recruitment training. “All of that chaos was just what I needed.” “It was just understanding I was absolutely alone,” she added. “And that was… awful.”


When she was 14 years old, she divorced her parents, her drug-addicted mother and her absentee father. “I’m now an adult,” she declared. Between 15 and 16, the actress was forced to work in restaurants and clean toilets to make ends meet.

“It seemed odd,” she commented. “At 14, I had no idea how to manage an apartment, so it was a real nightmare.” “I was worried and couldn’t sleep because it was in a risky area.” Despite this, she persisted. Thanks to the film Poison Ivy, she recovered by 17.

“Having such a large career at such a young age, then nothing for years – people going, you’re an unemployable disaster – having access to so much and then having nothing,” she explained.

She claimed that her 14-year-old experience helped her get her act together. “Midlife crisis, hospitalisation, blacklisting, no family, finished it, and then went into the circle of being my own parent, figuring things out,” she described her situation.

After she escaped from the pits, Barrymore’s career took off. On The Drew Barrymore Show, she recently revealed that her rebellious personality caused her to incite riots and become out of control at the rehab where she was staying, but she “didn’t appreciate being thrown in solitary confinement.” “I wouldn’t change a thing,” she said, “since that hospital actually saved and healed my life.”

“After being placed on a list at 12, I value every job I have,” The Sun writes.

“I’ve seen it all, from winning to having to fight hard for what you have to having the possibilities you do.” “I don’t think there’s anything to hide right now,” she continued.

She acknowledged having a “difficult” connection with her mother. According to the report, she has “felt shame, empathy, and extreme sensitivity” toward her mother, to the point where they “can’t truly be in each other’s life at this moment.” On the other hand, the two have found comfort in each other’s company.

She captioned an Instagram snapshot of herself and her mother enjoying Mother’s Day in 2017: “Proud. My mother and I on Mother’s Day!”