The union of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, who are both 98 years old, is “the most important thing in my life,” according to Carter. On Monday, the most senior U. S. Carter told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that choosing the right spouse is the first of two steps to guarantee a happy and successful marriage while the president is still alive. We also make up for all of the conflicts from the day before every night.

The Carters have surpassed George H.W. Bush as the longest-married president as of 2019. W. George W. Bush and Barbara Bush. In July 2022, they celebrated their 76th wedding anniversary.

Often the most straightforward answers are the best, but how do you keep the flame alive after all these years?

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The 98-year-old former president devised a method to express his love to his wife in the 1940s when he was still a young naval officer.

You are my absolute favourite. In a 2014 interview with People, he stated, “That’s what my mother and father used to say back and forth, and I picked it up with Rosa.

Jimmy had ILYTG carved into a compact that he gave Rosalynn because it had become a significant part of their lives together.

The contract documents are kept at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum in Atlanta, Georgia.

Like Jimmy, the Carter kids have been using ILYTG among themselves.
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“Now, all of our kids talk to each other on the phone or in emails, ILYTG. In most cases, he said, they only give initials. Additionally, they occasionally change the initials, leaving you to wonder what they refer to.

Carter has understood the value of spending time with his partner and “giving each other lots of space to do our own thing,” though. They frequently participate in fly fishing, birdwatching, and church attendance. They read aloud from the Bible each night before bed.

Rosalynn Carter referred to their union as a “partnership” in an interview with the Associated Press on July 4. Rosalynn remarked that I was more knowledgeable than him about the company’s operations. “.

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The Carters’ confinement to their Plains, Georgia, home during the coronavirus outbreak aided in the gradual growth of their bond. The 39th president declared during a guest appearance on “GMA” that their 75-year marriage had deepened their love for one another. “It’s extraordinary. It didn’t happen to us, but only a few couples have had this experience.

You can’t help falling in love with them. You will only meet people as friendly and sincere as the Carters.

I ask God for continued favour for them.

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